So you’re thinking about purchasing a security alarm system…or a video camera system OR both! Can we just say, it’s about time. Picking the right equipment and service is important. Before you rush into anything, may we suggest 3 questions you should ask before you agree to buying any security alarm system.


  1. Am I getting the most current hardware available?

Just like any other electronic device, there’s a newer and better version of the security keypad, sensors, surveillance cameras, etc. that you are looking to purchase. Take time to ask if the equipment being offered is the most current. (*If you’re looking to save some money, ask if there are similar and compatible options in a slightly older model…be careful, though. See our next point*) A good follow-up question would be: does this security system have firmware that can be updated?

Firmware is another name for the equipment’s software (more or less) and, for most hardware, it is programmed into “read-only” mode. This means you have to have a technician on-site to update OR you have to replace your hardware when the firmware becomes too outdated. With Resideo’s Lyric, our preferred keypad/controller, there are firmware “pushes”. This push ensures that your software is up-to-date and means you won’t have to replace your hardware every year. Focus on your future when you consider your upfront, right now purchase.


  1. Who will install the equipment?

When you make a deal with a dealer, you may be agreeing to have subcontractors install your alarm security or camera equipment. This could mean that an individual, whose background or skills have not fully verified, will have access to your home and security system set up. It could also mean that you never hear from them again and you’ll have no one to call if there’s a problem. Ask your sales consultant if technicians are full-time team members or subcontractors and what kind of training they undergo. Full-time, fully vetted technicians are not only more trustworthy, but they also receive continual training, are more invested in doing good work and are held to higher standards. Focus on quality and your personal security when you consider your security system purchase!


  1. What smart home integrations does this system offer?

You may be thinking I’m not really interested in smart home technology. Well, there’s a very good chance you will be in another year or so (if you’re really not already). When the time comes to start adding smart home automation devices, you won’t want a system with limited compatibility! From thermostats to lights and locks, there are smart home automation devices to help with everything in your life. These automation devices often require a hub to control them. Resideo’s Lyric can not only be that hub, it can also integrate with Amazon Alexa or Apple Homekit. The beauty of having your smart home devices integrate with your security system: you can control it all from ONE app. And, let’s face it, your phone is full enough as it is…you don’t need an app for each device and another for your hub! Plus, with integration, you can set up smart scenes to sync with your life. Focus on convenience when you consider your security system purchase.  


Thinking about buying an alarm security or video camera system? Let our sales consultants help you to design a setup that will work for you.