Smart home devices are everywhere and they offer you convenience in many ways; none is more popular than the smart video doorbell. And for good reason! Don’t you want to have the best home security system and take advantage of high quality video at the same time? Let’s dive into the 4 reasons why you should buy a video doorbell – right now.

01. All your friends have one.

If they have one, they’ve probably shown you their smart video doorbell and its brag-worthy features. HD video recordings triggered by motion or on-demand; chime-free afternoons for baby’s nap time; night-vision with 15 foot range, it is video surveillance and convenience at its best. Okay, okay, this isn’t exactly a “top reason” for needing a smart video doorbell, but it can still be motivating. With more than 3.4 million video doorbells sold last year, why shouldn’t you be taking advantage of the one too?

01. Package Delivery

The real first reason you should buy a smart video doorbell RIGHT NOW. Online shopping is a must and, with next day or same day delivery, you need to know when your packages arrive. Whether it’s your grocery delivery service, your favorite products or that birthday present, receive a push notification when it arrives. Even better, use the two-way communication to ask that they leave your packages on the back porch, out of the sun!

02. Porch Pickup

Do you participate in a local buy-sell-trade group? Heard of online “yard” sales. You may be familiar with the term “porch pickup” and you may be familiar with the uncertainties that come with it. Did the other person actually pick up the item? Did they leave the money? Did they do anything else while visiting your porch or neighborhood? Your smart video doorbell can be triggered to record by motion-activation. Not to mention, your video doorbell is installed with a proprietary screw meaning it is not exposed and can’t be removed!

03. Helping Your Neighbors

These days, neighborhood watch is digital and mobile. Help protect your community’s peace of mind with your smart video doorbell. 30 second recordings, stored up to seven days and easily downloadable, are the perfect way to capture speedy drivers, potential vandalism, and/or car break-ins. Plus, you can easily add and remove user access to your smart video doorbell through the mobile app.

04. Safety

The most important reason of them all – your safety.

You want to know who is at your door before you answer it. Simply open live view on your smart video doorbell! Furthermore, you should be able to protect your home, even when you aren’t truly there. Smart video doorbells give you the power to communicate with visitors from anywhere and stop would-be burglars in their tracks when you respond to their “innocent” doorbell push.

You need a smart video doorbell, right now, to provide convenience and peace of mind. Let us know if we can help you pick the right smart video doorbell for you.