Spring is in the air! Can you smell it or is it time for a good cleaning?

You already know that Spring is the season for renewal and putting things in order; but, did you know that your Spring cleaning can also help improve your home’s overall security! Our SIX favorite spring cleaning tips will not only save you time cleaning, they save your home from potential safety threats – and that’s how you get the most out of your day.

WINDOWS: The warmer weather will mean open windows and better visibility into your home. Clean window screens with a scrap of carpeting. It works as an effective brush to remove all dirt and dust. Bonus life hack, use newspaper instead of cloth to achieve streak-free glass cleaning.

[Want more security protection? Motion detectors provide wide and long coverage range which means fast and early detection of any intruder.]

OVERALL CLUTTER: Get your Marie Kondo on by taking time to tidy up. You don’t have to go full “life changing magic” method. Simply clear clutter by sorting items into four categories – trash, give-away, store, or keep.

[Want more security protection? Break down boxes and don’t overfill trash bins. Curbside trash can give would-be burglars a preview of what’s inside your home.]

PATIO: Show your patio some quick love. Wipe down furniture with a simple warm water and dish detergent solution. Spray grill grates with equal parts (white) vinegar and water to save on scrubbing, then check for hose leaks. Bonus life hack, use half an onion if you do have to scrub because the acid breaks down residue.

[Want more security protection? Consider smoke and CO2 detectors for prompt fire detection.]

DEVICES: Speaking of smoke detectors, ensure fire safety by changing out batteries and wiping away dust. Move on to your home office! Apply compressed air to keyboards to clear dust and crumbs, then sweep cotton swabs dipped in rubbing alcohol between keys to kill germs.

[Want more security protection? Cameras are integrated into most devices these days and your security system is no exception. The Resideo Lyric keypad features a built-in camera, while indoor Wifi-connected security cameras are an easy addition to an existing setup.]

GUTTERS: Get out the winter gunk. Clean leaves and branches out of your gutters and keep water flowing away from your house. The last thing you need to deal with this lovely Spring is water damage or a leak!

[Want more security protection? Flood detection sensors are easy to PLACE. Yes, “place”, not install and can be located near water heaters, refrigerators, deep freezers, etc.]

LANDSCAPING: Summer months see an increase in home break-ins. Unkempt shrubbery provides coverage for would-be burglars. Trim shrubs and bushes to renew your outdoor aesthetic and protect your home.

[Want more security protection? Give us a call for a free, onsite security consultation.]