When it comes to protecting your home and family, you want to be sure you have the best system setup. Resideo Home security equipment ensures that you’re protected, even if an intruder attempts to destroy your system, with Advanced Protection Logic

Advanced Protection Logic, standard on Resideo Lyric keypads, is an advanced system feature that is designed to protect an all-in-one (keypad and control panel) wireless system from attempted destruction. If a keypad is located near the main entry to the home or business, there’s a security risk that an intruder could break through the door and destroy the keypad before an alarm is triggered. Resideo APL combats this potential risk.

The system registers the door alarm (or motion alarm) signal from the break-in and waits for a disarm signal. If a burglar smashes or destroys the keypad in an attempt to stop signals, the alarm has already been activated and the police are notified immediately. Though APL cannot protect your system from being broken, it can make sure a break-in generates an alarm so you and emergency responders are notified. 

Wireless systems further provide an important advantage over wired systems; a wireless setup decreases a burglar’s ability to simply cut wires to shut down the system. With the addition of Advanced Protection Logic, you’re protected no matter what happens.

Our security experts custom design each security system to best suit each business. Professionals create and install security system so your facility will be more secure. By having 24/7 monitoring, your place of business will be protected, even when intruders attempt to tamper with your security. Call us today to learn more call our security experts to set up your free consultation.