You’ve heard of BYOB. Well, there’s a new “bring your own” that’s gaining traction and it leads to fewer pour decisions. BYOD: bring your own DEVICE. We’re talking about smart home automation devices here and we’re talking about your options.

You can accomplish remote control on a lot of devices these days. Security Dealers & Integrators magazine recently wrote:

“Consumers (that’s you!) have long pined for a more á la carte approach; and as technologies become simpler and more ubiquitous, people feel empowered to build their own home portfolios on a device-by-device basis while making purchases across the full spectrum of providers.”  

You want options when setting up your smart home and the market has listened. That spectrum of providers – from smart light bulb and electronic door lock to smart thermostat and video doorbell manufacturers – is quite wide. And, while you should feel empowered by these numberless options, perhaps you also feel a bit confused.

Nearly every manufacturer who can has jumped on the smart home bandwagon. From names you know to new companies, each has an automation device and it seems like just the solution you need! How do you choose one product over another? If you have the time, you’ll turn to the internet. Be prepared to navigate terms like WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, ZWave and to consider compatibility, connectivity, and range. Or, you can let us help.

When considering a device, it’s important to understand how it will operate. Some devices require a smart home automation hub to connect to your smartphone. This could mean additional cost and careful compatibility consideration for multiple devices. Other devices will connect directly through your home’s WiFi or your phone’s Bluetooth. Remember, the more devices operating through your WiFi, the slower your internet speeds. The more devices operating through your Bluetooth, the greater the drain on your battery life.

Each device boasts convenience as you can “manage from your smartphone or tablet”. To control the light bulbs, you download an app. To adjust your thermostat, you download an app. Want to view your video doorbell or camera feeds? Download another app. Soon enough, your smartphone memory is full and you have apps galore. Wait, what happened to convenience?

Shawn Welsh, of Security Dealers & Integrators, writes,

“consumers (that’s you!) are aware that more innovation is occurring within this [smart home automation] sphere, and as they adopt more and more point solutions, the need becomes greater for a single-interface system to interconnect and control the various devices found throughout the typical á la carte smart home.”

Single-interface system to interconnect and control all the devices, you say? We’ve got just the answer!

Your Honeywell Lyric Controller is the hub that links all your “point solutions”. Honeywell’s Total Connect mobile app allows you total control in a single app. Under the automation tab, you’ll find all your smart home automation devices and access to their features. What’s more, connecting your security system and your smart home devices allows you to customize your experience with IFTTT technology. If this, then that takes convenience to another level. For example, if I set my alarm to AWAY mode, then my thermostat adjusts to 70 degrees. If I enable geotracking and I enter my neighborhood, then my garage door opens and my lights turn on. These are called “scenes” and are easily set up on the Total Connect app.

Experience true convenience and connectivity with smart home automation and Honeywell Lyric. Our sales representatives are well versed in security and technology. Before you “buy” your own, let us advise you on the perfect setup for your smart home.