(with your busy schedule)

You’re busy, but that doesn’t stop your parents from aging or your desire to care for them.

According to an AARP study: “an estimated 25.5 million caregivers (6 in 10) report being employed while caregiving, and more than half of those WORK FULL TIME.” Does this sound like you?

Your day-to-day schedule may make it difficult to physically be with your aging parents. You can be productive at work while still giving your loved ones the care and attention they need. Thanks to modern technology, you have options for how to regularly check-in!

01. Personal Emergency Response System (PERS or “medical alert device”)

Your first thought may be a small, hand-held device to provide quick response in emergencies. These devices are perfect to provide you peace of mind; GPS location guarantees responders know, at all times, where your parent is and two-way communication can stem unintentional alerts. Your caregiving doesn’t have to stop there, though.

02. Wireless Sensors

Wireless sensors allow you flexibility. Want to be sure your parents routinely eat? A wireless sensor attached the refrigerator or a cabinet can send push notifications to update you. Need to feel confident that your parents got out of bed or that they made it in (and out) of the bathroom? Wireless sensors attached to interior doors can easily monitor activity without any disturbance to them.

03. Indoor Cameras

Camera placement is also completely adjustable. With Resideo Total Connect indoor cameras, you can view exterior doors, the kitchen or anywhere in the house! Two-way communication means you can remind mom to turn off the stove or dad to take his medicine – or just gives you an opportunity to say ‘I love you’. Worried about privacy? Don’t be! The Total Connect app allows you to turn off both viewing and sound for any camera, at any time.

04. Home Security System (with smart home features)

Mom and dad don’t have to be tech-savvy to benefit from a home security system with smart home features. Enable smart scenes to have lights, thermostats, locks and the alarm update at ‘bedtime’ or ‘wake up’. Reduce utility expenses with Zwave plugin devices on lamps or televisions. You can feel better knowing the doors are locked, the alarm is set, and your loved ones are safe.

Your busy schedule doesn’t have to interfere with caring for your aging parents. Let us help you provide them the kind of care you both want.