You can’t be everywhere at once.

Or can you? As a business owner, you keep track of A LOT. Make your life easier with cloud-based security camera management solutions through Eagle Eye.

Eagle Eye is a cloud-based video surveillance platform. Being cloud-based means that you can

  • Access and manage your cameras remotely.
  • Access and store captured footage on the cloud (from anywhere).
  • Access the user-friendly dashboard on desktop or mobile (with no additional software or license keys required).

We recently talked with local C.O.O. – Michael McNutt of Baxter Enterprises – about his top 3 reasons for using Eagle Eye solutions in his restaurants.

01. Security.

The obvious reason for cameras and video surveillance in any location. Eagle Eye allows you to view both live and stored video – from anywhere. You can even set event-triggered notifications to guarantee quick updates.

Michael shares: “we evaluated other camera platforms and systems and, quite frankly, this is the one that has been head and heels above any that we’ve seen. Even when we’re playing back old footage and evaluating certain things– whether it has been previous theft issues or anything along those lines– the playback functionality is extremely clean and streamlined. You can actually dictate the resolution that’s coming through on the cameras, whether it’s the live feed or the playback.”

02.Operations Efficiency.

Camera locations and positions allow you to quickly check on specific areas within your business. Take your efficiency to the next level: monitor your staffing to reduce payroll hours; monitor areas of use to reduce utility bills; monitor customer activity patterns to identify growth opportunities.

“For me, as an operator, it tends to function a little bit differently than a General Manager or, even, our Restaurant Area Manager,” Michael explains, “I tend to look at it from, obviously a security perspective, but also an operating efficiency perspective. When I know we’re busy, I’m able to look at the cameras – see who we have behind the bar, see who we have in the kitchen – make sure we are operating stream line and efficient.”

03. Easy-to-use Platform.

The Eagle Eye dashboard, available on desktop or mobile, allows you to easily view and update camera settings, add and view the status of bridges (on-premise recorder), add and manage users, as well as set notifications, update resolution, adjust motion detection areas, and more. Use the search function and tags to filter quickly.

Michael’s PRIMARY reason for choosing Eagle Eye: “The platform’s ease of use. The utilization by the manager or an operator or whoever it is you decide to give access to. It’s a very simple platform to learn, to use on a daily basis […] Any time we’ve needed to transition one of the cameras, it’s not a permanent fixture. It’s easy to move. The cameras, wherever you need them – they’re easy, they’re portable – you can move them and it’s a great platform.”

Take it from Michael McNutt, Chief Operating Officer of Baxter Enterprises in Columbia, TN: “If you’re looking for a solution for your security needs, your operational needs, just some oversight – I would highly recommend Eagle Eye and I would highly recommend Preventia as well.”