Let’s be honest here, there are really two paths to follow when it comes to your security and smart home automation setup: do-it-yourself or employ a professional.

A quick internet search reveals oodles of do-it-yourself security system options. From full security system kits to individual devices, most do-it-yourself security systems are easy to install. The process is often as simple as plugging devices in and configuring them. (Not sure what it means to configure? We recommend you skip the DIY options and consult a professional, like us!)

Device compatibility and performance will range with the do-it-yourself security options. Basic-level DIY security systems can be more limited; only allowing X number of devices or in their wireless performance. Some higher-end systems support multiple add-on components and provide better wireless performance. Choosing between a basic-level or higher-end do-it-yourself security system may mean sacrificing protection or investing more money.

Monitoring options will vary on the do-it-yourself side as well. Most DIY security systems are self-monitored, which means you receive alarm notifications directly and you are responsible for contacting police or fire departments. Other system setups do offer professional monitoring services. Be mindful of contract requirements when considering these options. At first glance, the do-it-yourself option may seem cheaper, easier; but, is it really the most advantageous setup for you and your home?

Despite an increasingly crowded DIY market, “satisfaction with professionally installed and
monitored security systems remains high”, reports Security Distributing & Marketing Magazine. Why? When it comes to home (or business) security, you are paying for peace of mind. And when it comes to maintaining that peace of mind, professionally installed and monitored home security systems have three notable advantages over the do-it-yourself options.

ADVANTAGE #1: you don’t have to lift a finger.
You are busy. Figuring out what areas to protect, what devices are compatible, ordering equipment, figuring out that equipment and setting it up requires time. The Preventia Experience begins with a knowledgeable sales consultant designing a custom system to protect vulnerabilities specific to your home. Our trained and certified technicians will install, configure and connect all equipment, then guarantee it all works and show you how it operates. We can even assist you in registering your alarm with local authorities and provide paperwork for insurance discounts!

ADVANTAGE #2: technical support.
Again, you’re busy. If you have an issue with or question about your equipment, you call one number: our direct office. You talk to a live person to get the assistance you need. Troubleshoot or replace equipment without the hassle of frustrating recordings and endless menu options.

ADVANTAGE #3: alarm signal response.
Take the responsibility off your mind! When an alarm signal is received, whether it’s a front door sensor or a smoke alarm, our monitoring center representative will contact you to verify the alarm. If you indicate the alarm is legitimate or if the operator cannot reach you, emergency responders will be dispatched. No response time wasted and no second thought for you.

Don’t sacrifice your time and energy. Have your security system professionally installed and monitored.