Preventia offers five-diamond rated monitoring service and we are proud of it.

You may be thinking, what is a five-diamond rating and why should I care? The five-diamond program was established by the Central Station Alarm Association (now known simply as The Monitoring Association, thank goodness). This group exists to maintain industry standards in alarm monitoring and their five-diamond program ensures that a monitoring center meets THE HIGHEST standards.

Not all monitoring centers are equal. You want to feel confident that you’re paying for quality service and our five-diamond rating guarantees that you are! In order to qualify for the five-diamond rating, a monitoring center must meet requirements in five points of excellence (go figure!).

  • Random inspections and quality criteria standards
  • Customer service
  • Ongoing job-related education and testing by operators (those guys who track your signals and answer your calls)
  • Raising industry standards through participation in TMA activities
  • False alarm reduction


The bottom line? Five-diamond rated monitoring centers have better trained and more engaged operators. They are committed to providing excellent service and continuous improvement.

Keep reading to learn more about how The Monitoring Association is improving alarm response.


ASAP to PSAP: Wait, What?

If you made it this far, you now know a little about The Monitoring Association. They’re a non-profit association that maintains industry standards in alarm monitoring. Their mission is to reduce false alarms (which results in faster response for real emergencies!), to continually develop industry standards (higher standards = better processes = improved response!), and to enact laws / regulations to guarantee safety to all served by alarm monitoring.

Recently, The Monitoring Association made a push for the Automated Secure Alarm Protocol program. A clever name considering the new protocol’s goal is to reduce the relay time between alarm systems and monitoring centers. From alarm signal to monitoring operator to police dispatch (Public Safety Answering Point), this means faster communication. We don’t need to tell you that every second counts when it comes to your safety.

Also, as a result of this program, emergency contact can be better maintained even after natural disaster events when communication systems are inundated. Kudos to The Monitoring Association for these efforts to keep safety (and fast response) at the forefront!