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Secure This Season CHALLENGE

Today we have teamed up with Bill Yuss of Pro Door Doctor to offer you 4 quick tips to secure your garage/shop!

Master Lock

Be sure to lock your garage from the inside with a master lock. This will prevent the garage door wide enough for the burglar to escape with any large, higher ticket items.

Sharing Isn’t Always Caring

Do not share your door code with anybody that shouldn’t be frequenting your house while you’re away. We suggest you change your code if you think somebody may know how to get in!

Secure Your Car!

You’d be surprised how many garage/shop burglaries happen due to rolled down windows or unlocked cars. That’s the 1st place burglars will check. Be sure you’re not making things easy for them!

Tie Up The Emergency Release!

We suggest either tying up the emergency release rope very short or cutting it off completely. This is a relatively easy way that burglars gain access to your garage. A simple coat hanger and they’re in the door! 

Garages are a great place for to find untitled goodies that sell quickly. This includes tools, lawnmowers, recreational vehicles, kayaks, etc. Often taking a few extra steps to make it harder for a burglar to get in will make the difference between being a target or having people pass by.

In another blog we posted about the importance of making sure your doors strike plate is secure. This is a way for under $5 to make it even harder for unwanted visitors to get in.

Here in Maury County Tennessee, we have seen a huge uptick in burglaries, especially in garages so please take these extra steps to secure your valuables. If you would like for an alarm to go off and notify you & the police should someone still try to break in, there are plenty of options and we here at Preventia specialize in this. We will have a security consultant come out and look at your property to provide you with a custom affordable solution to help you sleep better at night and get the most out of your day.

For other security needs, please contact Preventia at (615) 422-5276.

For garage door repairs & installs, we’d love it if you would contact Pro Door Doctor at (615) 326-4443 or visit them at!