Garages and shops are obvious targets for unwanted visitors to come take what they want when you aren’t around.  These burglars find easy ways to get in, such as breaking a window or getting through the side door.  Another easy thing to open is your garage door.  That’s right, your overhead door actually isn’t as secure as you think without taking some extra precautions.

We often remember to lock the door when we leave the house, but have you ever thought about locking your garage door?  It’s not as out there as you think and there are some very simple ways to do it, including totally automated ones that mean you don’t have to even think about it again.

Is this scenario too familiar.  You get home after a long day… pass your grill, kayaks, lawnmower, expensive tools, and some storage of other goodies, and go put your feet up in your lazy boy and forget to even lock your exterior door to the garage.  Now it gets late, and it again slips your mind to lock the door before you head up to bed. 

Well, tomorrow, you may wake up to a surprise you weren’t looking for. 

Here are some simple ways to fix this…

  1. Adding a lock to the track is a very simple easy way to add one more layer of security.
    1. Make sure the lock is securely fastened to the handle on the overhead door and around the track.  That way when someone tries to force open the door, it gets caught on the lock.   Long cable style padlocks are the best for this, as they are more flexible so they can connect the track to a point on the door easily.
  2. Add Lift Master’s Automated Deadbolt
    1. Most people don’t even know this exists.  Just like a regular deadbolt on a door, this is a deadbolt for your garage door.  When you close the door, it automatically locks.  Boom, done. 
  3. Add Motion Sensors, Glass Break Detectors, Cameras, and Door Sensors.
    1. A residential or commercial security system has so many benefits, but a big one is getting notified when an intruder enters.  The problem with garages is they can be either detached from the house or are just far enough away from the main rooms in the house that someone sneaking in can easily go unnoticed.  Having a motion detector alert you on your smart phone, and an alarm sound can save you thousands of dollars.  You also get added peace-of-mind when you install these security systems.

Can I tie the automated deadbolt to the security system?  You sure can!  In fact, have you ever left your house, and clicked the garage door button to close just to come back and see it didn’t fully close?  Makes you sweat a bit!  With a security system, you can be notified when a door is left open. 

One more thing to note.  Many times burglars can break in easy, but to get things OUT, they have to lift the garage door.  Sure you can fit through the window… but your lawnmower can’t!  Many crimes are a crime out of connivence.  Adding a $15 padlock or installing these security measures add that one extra step that takes your home from being an easy target, to just hard enough to deal with that it’s easy to go somewhere else. 

So there you have it.  Three easy ways to increase the security in your garage.  We have some more easy tips for your garage security here.