You’re busy. Work, family, your own needs, did you shut the garage door … the thoughts and to-dos never stop. We get it and we want to help you get more time out of your day. No, we’re not promising more than your appointed 24 hours. We’re promising to give you more time by removing things that you shouldn’t have to think about.

At Preventia, we not only sell life safety equipment to protect your home or business, we sell convenience – in the form of smart home automation. Resideo, a product you’ve probably seen around and one that we trust wholeheartedly, has an award winning mobile app called Total Connect. This app connects to your home security system (and your home security cameras!) to allow you control from your bed, office, or another country!

We thought we’d highlight four features that might help you combat wasted time.

Security – view your system status (alarms or troubles) and arm/disarm from virtual keypad. Total Connect also supports voice control!

Push Notifications – enable push notifications for security events and know when your kids get home from school, because we both know they won’t remember to tell you.

Geofencing – with your location services turned on, you can enable geofencing to set a designated perimeter. If you leave that area and the system is disarmed, you’ll be notified.

Automation – integrate with smart lights, locks, thermostats and garage doors to save money on utilities and manage from anywhere.

Your phone’s already in your hand. Get Total Connect services set up for your security system today and get more time back in your day. Call us now.