Are your kids home alone for summer break? Do your kids spend time home alone after school? If you’ve determined that your child is responsible enough to be home alone (for any amount of time), be sure he/she knows the following 3 safety tips as well as they know the WiFi password.

  1. Check-in Plan. You should plan for your child to check-in with you regularly via text, phone or other communication. Determine how often you want to hear from them and what your child should do if they can’t reach you. Be sure your check-in plan includes a list of emergency telephone numbers – fire, police, poison control, your cell phone, neighbors’ and relatives’ numbers.
  2. Stranger Danger. It’s important to teach your child not to let strangers into your home for any reason and to not tell callers that they are home alone. Would-be burglars will often ring the doorbell just to see if someone is home. If you’re not expecting anyone, encourage your child to contact an adult if someone comes to the door. Be sure your child knows how to work door and window locks.
  3. Warning Signs. Prepare your child to recognize potential danger signs. Explain that he/she should not enter the home if a door is open or a window is broken. If there appear to be any signs of a break in, they should go to a neighbor’s house and call the police.

While these safety tips may seem second nature, remember that your kids have likely not considered them before. Give yourself even greater peace of mind by installing a monitored home security system that includes indoor cameras. Use indoor cameras to see, hear, and talk to your kids right from your smartphone! Plus, Resideo Lyric security keypads have an easily accessible panic button to allow quick police dispatch in the event of emergencies.

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