Home security in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama is becoming more and more important. Here is a quick tip to help make your doors stronger to prevent burglars.

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Grab your drill and take a quick walk around your home. Check out your exterior doors. Oftentimes your door strike plates (where your deadbolt latches onto the door frame) are held in place by very short screws. Potentially, the only thing protecting you and your home right now is a half-inch screw… Someone could very easily kick your door down if that is the case.

We suggest going to your local hardware store and picking up some 2-inch screws to replace the short ones that are probably there. This will make it significantly more difficult for a burglar to kick your door down. This is a cheap but effective solution. Of course, there are other things you can and should do to protect this vulnerability in your home.

Another tip we have would be putting a motion sensor on your door.

This will alert you (as well as the authorities) when someone has opened your door while your system is armed. However, if you have a door with a large glass panel that the intruder can go in and out of, the motion sensor will be ineffective. In that case we recommend getting a glass break sensor. As soon as the glass on your door breaks, your alarm system will be triggered. An additional way to stay protected is not using your typical key entry. They make very affordable keyless entry options now and this will prevent “lock bumps” from happening. A “lock bump” is an easy way for burglars to let themselves in your home. We recommend the Yale door lock. 

We carry motion sensors, glass break sensors and Yale door locks right here at Preventia, your local source for Smart Security Solutions. Give us a call at 615-422-5276 if you have any questions and would like to get a quote for protecting your home’s vulnerabilities.

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