As the cold weather sets in, it’s important that your house is as energy efficient as possible! A simple walk-through can help you identify problem areas. Energy-saving technology has evolved rapidly over the years. Here are seven spots to check to improve your home’s efficiency:

1. Change your filter or have your air ducts cleaned: a dirty air return vent means there are a lot of particles (or dust) inside your home and the air you’re breathing.

2. Check your smoke and CO detectors: you should test your detectors every month or you should consider professionally monitored detectors.

3. Loose outlets: if your outlets no longer tightly holds a plug, you may have a potential fire hazard. Call in an electrician!

4. Check out your locks: if you haven’t changed your locks, you don’t know how many copies are out there. Consider upgrading to a smart lock to better control access to your home.

5. Check for a bulged washing machine hose: if your washing machine hose is bulged, kinked or has cracks in it, the hose could break off and cause major flooding.

6. Adjust your thermostat or replace it: a programmable thermostat can automatically adjust based on your schedule or through Total Connect mobile app.

7. Examine leaky windows: feeling a draft? You may be losing heat to leaky windows. Caulk or add film to reduce air leaks.

Once you know where your home could be more efficient, make a plan to improve the problems. Consider how much money you’re losing by not fixing these trouble spots and how much time you have to improve them. If you want to consult with the experts on our sales team, give us a call today!