How to Pull Footage from Eagle Eye Cloud Video App

hi i’m john duncan operations manager here at prevention security today i’m going to show you how to pull camera footage from your eagle eye app today i’ll be using an apple device ios the android is very similar but if you have any questions call us and we can walk you through it over the phone first we’re going to go to open up the eagle eye app and then go to the site you are looking at today i’m going to go to hours here at Preventia Security once you open up the app it takes you directly to the layouts you can simply just click on the camera you want to pull the footage from today i’m just going to pull from our rear entry drive it’s out back slide the bar at the bottom to your desired time once you find the event you’re looking for simply click save on the left and make sure your times are exactly correct i like to always put in the time stamp button it just stamps your video with time for the police or any any surveillance needs that are needed it makes it easier in court if anything were to ever need that after you select your correct times and select the time stamp simply click request at the top right once you press the request button it should say successfully saved this does not mean it is saved to your phone it is simply saved to the download section of the app so our next step is to go back to the main menu and go to our downloads once here you can refresh and it should show you your download has is either in progress or fully downloaded and you can simply press the save button next to that once that completes it will now be saved to your camera roll within your phone and you can simply view it share it send it as a text message whatever is the easiest form of communication for you to who needs it and it’s that simple again thank you for watching if you have any questions for us please call us at Preventia Security thank you