How to reconnect Skybell video doorbell to wifi

[Music] hey there in this video we will be covering the topic how to reconnect skybell video doorbell to Wi-Fi in this demonstration we will be using the skybell HD video doorbell and the sky ball mobile app the mobile app is available for both Android and iOS users in the App Store and the icon is a green and black circle with Sky Bell HD keep in mind your sky Bell HD video doorbell stores your Wi-Fi network name and password so if you make changes to either of these you will need to resync your video doorbell to ensure that it’s connected to the Internet if you’re not connected to the Internet you’re not connected to the sky ball servers and your videos can’t be recorded or downloaded if you are receiving a rapidly blinking orange LED light on your video doorbell it has lost connection with the internet and needs to be recent first we want to verify that your router and Internet are set up correctly if everything looks correct on your connection we’ll begin by opening the sky Bell video at doorbell app sky Bell HD on your phone or tablet Wow in front of your doorbell press and hold the sky bow button for about a minute the LED will begin flashing first rapid green after about a minute your skybell will default to sink mode which is the flashing red and green in the app you can select add a new skybell device and follow the instructions on screen to complete the setup [Music] [Music] [Music] skybell HD does require a 2.4 gigahertz wireless router connection with its own SSID at this time it will not work with a 5 gigahertz connection also skybell works best in areas where the upload download speed is at least 1 point 5 megabits per second if you have Wi-Fi signal strength issues you can move your router closer to your door or purchase a Wi-Fi range extender because of integration issues we strongly encourage Total Connect users to first set up a skybell account on the skybell app to sync and set up your your video doorbell then link your skybell account to your Total Connect account for total integration if you’re unable to reconnect your skybell to your Wi-Fi or if you have any other questions please contact our office at six one five four two two five two seven six and don’t forget to check out our other videos [Music]