It’s almost time to eat! Before you do, be sure you check out these cooking safety tips. Fire can break out unexpectedly, even on holidays. While we don’t wish disaster upon anyone, we do want you to be prepared – just in case!

Offense: Oven / Microwave Fire

Action: Turn it off.

Turn the heat or power and keep the door closed. Call the fire department.

Offense: Stove-top Grease Fire

Action: Smother it.

With a stove-top grease fire, you never want to use water to extinguish the flames! Smother them by sliding the lid over the pan and turning the burner off. Leave the pan covered until it’s completely cool. If you’re still concerned, contact the fire department.

Offense: Fryer Fire

Action: Shut it off.

If you see smoke coming off your pot or oil, that’s a sign it has overheated and is nearing ignition. Shut off the fryer and let the oil cool down. Be sure to keep a fire extinguisher handy and contact the fire department.

Here’s wishing you a safe and fulfilling holiday. Remember, the best protection against home fires is a monitored smoke detector. Monitored smoke detectors ensure that you AND the fire department will be notified in the event of fire. You’ll receive a notifcation whether you’re at home or away!