Hi, my name is Buddy Leonard I am married and have a beautiful wife named Candice. I have 3 wonderful kids. Trey is the oldest, Laken my daughter is the middle-aged and the baby is Hobie. I also have 1 granddaughter, Baylor Ryan Wilson. I grew up in California moved to Tennessee in 1984 cultural shock.

I played all sports kept me out of trouble most of the time. I played college baseball and basketball until an injury sidelined me. 

I started in security in 2001.

I enjoy all music. My favorite groups are Pearl Jam, Alice in Cains, Tesla New Edition… I love Artist Nas Gary Allen Illmatic: Best Rap Album of All Time. 

My favorite meal is steak and potatoes!
We have 2 dogs, Reece and Jayce.

I’m just a real cool laid back dude who enjoys life and family and friends and a good time. I enjoy golf now that I’m old and can play this the rest of my life, so anyone ready to play let’s go!