The security industry is as big as it’s ever been and continues to see steady growth.

The global market for alarm monitoring services is projected to reach nearly $58.3 billion by 2020.¹ Talk about a chunk of money! And how exactly does that money chunk? Security dealers report that “existing, middle-market homes” account for 44% of revenue, while 19% consists of “custom-built, new construction homes”. This means that over half of the security market’s revenue comes from a homeowner like you. Research from Parks Associates, a market research and consulting firm, indicates:

“more than 26 million US broadband households will have professionally monitored security by 2021”²

You may be thinking, I need a monitored security system, but what company do I choose? Okay, maybe you weren’t thinking that exactly, but you are now. And, with 26 million households signing up, it’s important to make the right decision.

You could always go with a big-name boy, some three letter security company offering a free system. They do have an impressive customer base, boasting anywhere from 70 thousand to 6.6 million customers.³ Imagine the call volume for service needs or billing questions, even if only 1% of these customers contacted the company! With the growing demand for monitored security systems, some cable and telecom companies have entered the security market. Bundle your cable, internet, security: that sounds like the perfect plan. Good luck trying to find the right customer service department when you need support.

The point is, you have options. The question is, which option keeps you from getting lost in the crowd? You deserve customer service from a live and local person, someone who treats you like a person. You should expect to get the help you need when you need it. You require a service that can accommodate your life. We want you to know that, with us, you are more than just a number. You are a home, a family, a person.

Wanda has been a customer with us for 5 years and, every so often, she sets off her alarm by accident. Sometimes it’s the motion sensor, other times it’s the patio door. Wanda recently told us,

“I am very pleased with your service. Thank you so much for checking on us, even though sometimes we set the alarm off accidentally. You are always prompt and concerned.”

We are happy to report that in those 5 years, Wanda has never had more than a false alarm. Nevertheless, we will continue to call – every time.

We received a nice note from our customer, KC. He told us,

“I was visited by a representative from Preventia due to damage by squirrels in my attic. The representative, whose name, I believe, was Dave, was very helpful, friendly and competent. He is truly a valuable representation of your firm.”

Two years later, Dave laughs: “ I remember the house, the attic, especially all the damage that was done by the squirrels. [KC] was patient and friendly.” It’s no surprise KC and Dave both used the word ‘friendly’ in recalling this interaction.

Our customers are our friends, our neighbors, and part of our Preventia family.
You are more than a number.