When you’re looking to buy something, you’re suddenly bombarded by advertisements and sales on those products or services everywhere (thanks, Google!). Tactics may vary, but the result is the same – everyone is trying to sell you something! The best way to become informed is to talk to an expert. Want to avoid the used car salesman experience? We can help. See, we aim to do things differently. Keep reading to learn how. Here are the 4 things you won’t find our sales consultants doing.

Thinking of themselves as “solutions-provider”

Wait a minute, you scream! I need solutions AND Preventia is proud to claim they’re the “local resource for smart security solutions”. It’s true; we all but stamp our foreheads with the label “solutions provider”. But, we know there’s something more to sales than just meeting perceived needs. Good sales consultants provide you solutions; great ones help you identify problems you didn’t recognize. Preventia offers free in-person sales consultations to pinpoint vulnerabilities, then we can offer you a suite of solutions to meet all those needs. You may call us for door sensors and we may advise you in the benefits of a flood probe on your deep freezer too!

Being distracted

Every person, every home is different. We believe a successful security system setup requires a successful consultation and a successful consultation requires focus. Determining problem areas in a home or business becomes nearly impossible with the distraction of notification chimes. When our sales consultants work with you, they are not answering other phone calls, text messages, or emails.

Relying on PowerPoint

You may be thinking, PowerPoint; who uses that anymore?! Well, you’d be surprised. And, actually, we do have a visual presentation (a little more modern than the ole slideshow display). We use it to ensure that our sales representatives cover all options during the free sales consultation. From basic burglary and fire equipment to cameras and automation, we consult on it all – with live demos too. Not interested, no problem. They will move to something that matters to you.


Yes, we believe in follow up. Yes, we want to be your service provider, if we’re a good fit for your needs. Yes, we will do all that we can to find the right solution for you. No, we will not try to scare or force you into buying. No, we will not harass and harangue you for weeks and months. No, we will not push something on you that you don’t want or need.


We aim to be different. We are a local service company striving to help people sleep at night and get more out of their day – and not break the bank to do it. We may not be the best solution for you, but give us a chance before you decide. Schedule a free in-person consultation with Preventia today.