Local alarm security and home automation company, Preventia, partners with Century II to offer full employee benefits package, including health insurance coverage.

COLUMBIA, December 12, 2017 – It’s not often that local and small business are uttered together with full-service professional employer organization and full benefits package. Of the approximately 7.4 million employers in the US, 6 million are companies with fewer than 200 employees. Over 2.7 million of those 6 million small businesses do not offer health insurance, reports ZaneBenefits. The group health insurance cost to cover a single employee has tripled in the past 15 years¹. These persistent health insurance cost increases plague small businesses and most are unable to offer the benefit to employees. One local small business is putting employee needs above the cost. Owner, Aaron Whitaker, states:

“With the end of open enrollment and the beginning of a new year, health insurance coverage has been at the forefront of everyone’s thoughts. My employees have expressed their need for assistance. I believe it’s important to treat everyone in my life as if they are family. When my family expresses a need I can meet, I will accommodate it.”

Preventia, your locally owned and operated resource for alarm security and home automation services, announced that it will be partnering with Century II for all human resource-related administration. Century II is a full-service professional employer organization; assisting in payroll/tax compliance, risk management, workers’ compensation, safety training compliance, benefit plan management and all human resource needs. Their “people management” services ensure that all Preventia employees are assisted and protected, which in turn ensures greater employee focus on protecting customers.

Preventia asserts that “we exist to help people sleep at night and get the most out of their day”. They accomplish this core purpose not only in the services provided to customers, but likewise in employee quality of life. Five-year employee, Marissa Hale, voices her enthusiasm over the new partnership:

“The group health insurance is nothing short of a blessing. Although the marketplace has created a more user-friendly database this year, researching coverage and finding the right plan is overwhelming. I have been disadvantaged because of my personal selections in the past. Preventia and Century II have eliminated the anxiety altogether.”

Preventia now offers employees health insurance coverage options, as well as nights and weekends off, vacation time, and a retirement plan through Fidelity Investments!