2020 is not a year that we will soon forget. Of course, COVID-19 will always be the biggest talking point in history, but here are Preventia we have many other things to celebrate. One of those is the recognition from Resideo (Honeywell Home) as the Resideo Pro Dealer of the Year!

Our core purpose here at Preventia is to help people sleep at night and get the most out of their day. We do this by designing, installing, servicing and monitoring security systems for our thousands of customers. Our products and services keep people safe in times of need and our team has been relentless in this purpose even through the most challenging year most people will see in our lifetime. So how did we do it?

  1. Leadership. We have an excellent leadership team at Preventia that remains focused on smart security solutions for customers and creating an environment for our ‘front line’ team members to do their jobs well. Brad Slaughter, Angela Mobley, Scott Herrel, Amanda Prince, John Duncan, Josh Tolbert, David Kempf and Corey Lee have been tremendous leaders throughout this tumultuous year. They have done whatever it takes to overcome obstacles, which were plentiful, and remained calm and positive examples for their teams.
  2. Resources. Home alarm systems, smart home solutions, commercial security, video surveillance, access control and commercial fire systems requires resources from a variety of places. Thanks to Resideo we always have the access needed to unlimited resources, whether that is the physical equipment being installed, knowledge from seasoned experts at Resideo, technical support or learning opportunities with our peers, Resideo is always there to assist us. We even benefitted from thousands of dollars in co-op resources that we were able to use within our community to help others. Big thank you to Quentin Gunther, Chase Shults, Jeff LoVong, Russ Ackerman, Penny Sobolewski and Shannon Wilson.
  3. Front Line Team Members. We cannot emphasize enough how amazing and resilient all of our team members were throughout 2020. A short list of challenges include wearing masks, wearing gloves, temperature taking, appointment screening, quarantine, last minute cancellations, equipment delays, inability to travel and school closures. The stress put on these team members was greater than ever before and hopefully greater than we will ever see in the future. Without their resilience, we could not have continued to deliver on our core purpose. We would not have been able to protect thousands of homes and businesses, hundreds of thousands of people. We would not have been able to continue providing for our families. We would not have been able to thrive during such a time. The BIGGEST thank you to all of our ‘front line’ team members. The sales consultants adapting to PPE and virtual consultations, the office team juggling re-schedules, the technicians working in PPE and keeping our customers safe, they all stepped up in a BIG WAY in 2020. THANK YOU!

We are fortunate here are Preventia to have this combination of leadership, team members and resources to fuel our growth and create a great place to work each day! We look forward to many more years of partnership with Resideo and many more years of securing homes and businesses across the country!