Hey there, readers.

Yes, we’re talking to you (as we try our best to do as often as possible). And we hope that this time you’ll talk back.

Here at Preventia, and especially in our education center, our goal is to be your local resource for all things security and smart home. We aim to provide you with useful information regarding the alarm security industry, smart home automation trends and news, general safety and home maintenance, as well as updates on our team members and company. But, we know you are busy people, very busy. And you have lots of things competing for your time and attention, especially on the internet.

You can be searching for a wide variety of subjects and you can find an even wider variety of answers when you take to the internet. We want to know what kind of information you are looking for and what types of content catch your attention. So, we thought we would just ask!

If you’ve made it to this point in the article, if you follow our education center posts, or if you just happened to click and scroll to this very sentence, we would love if you followed the link below to tell us what subjects or themes are most interesting to you – our beloved readers. We promise it won’t take long (just 8 checkbox style questions!) and it will help us improve.