Does this technology seem familiar?

How about now?

Smart home technology isn’t a just futuristic dream. It’s a reality and one you should be enjoying! With a busy schedule and an on-the-go life, you need to stay connected and secure. Our Preventia Essentials package is more than a security system; it is your smart home controller and one of the remotes is your smartphone. The Honeywell Lyric WiFi-enabled panel, a combination control panel / keypad, communicates with and controls various devices in your home. These devices include your standard security equipment – door and window sensors, motion detectors, smoke and CO2 detectors, temperature sensors, and glass break detectors – as well as automation devices like lights, locks, thermostats, doorbells, and cameras. Did we lose you in that long list? No worries. Let’s take a closer look at the automation devices that give you total control with the touch of a button.

We are big Honeywell product enthusiasts (if you couldn’t tell). As the security manufacturing industry’s leader, why wouldn’t we be? Honeywell not only produces quality equipment, they have also developed an award-winning smartphone app to connect you and your home. Total Connect 2.0 is free, easy-to-use, and downloadable on any smartphone or tablet. Additionally, it is accessible on the web. We encourage you to explore the Honeywell Total Connect app to experience total control and test drive some of the following automation features.

Lights. It’s seven-thirty and you’re just arriving home from your daughter’s ballet practice. You’ve got groceries to carry, but your daughter doesn’t want to go into the darkened house alone. No sweat. With Total Connect, you can turn lights on (or off) from your car, your office, your bed – wherever, whenever. Adjust shades and dim lights for a peaceful evening at home or turn on outdoor lights as you head out for an evening away.







GPS-services. Elderly parent who still insists on driving? New driver in the house? Track vehicle speed and location, real-time, with Total Connect. Receive text or email notifications when vehicles exceed a certain speed or leave specified geographic boundaries. 








Locks. Keyless entry door locks are as easily installed as your conventional deadbolt lock. The SmartKey cylinder, featuring a stainless steel side locking bar, guarantees security, while the back-lit push-button keypad guarantees convenience. This WiFi-enabled device can also be controlled by, you guessed it, your smartphone. Never get locked out again!


Thermostats. Honeywell’s Z-Wave and WiFi-enabled thermostats can automatically adjust every time you arm or disarm your system. Or, take total control on the Total Connect app and adjust temperature anytime from your smartphone. When describing the Lyric Thermostat’s automation features, Honeywell boasts: “think energy savings like you’ve never known.”







Doorbells – Video Doorbells. That may have been an allusion to James Bond, and these equally chic video doorbells with their infinite features are worth the reference. When the doorbell is pressed, your SkyBell HD Video Doorbell notifies you with a picture, time and date log. You can start live viewing from your smartphone and talk with your visitor through two-way communication. Through the same Total Connect app, you can arm/disarm, lock/unlock, and access the SkyBell event log. Need to confirm a package delivery or want the kids to check in when they arrive home? No problem. You can even turn off the indoor chime for naptime so baby isn’t woken up!


Cameras. Though technically not an ‘automation’ device, Honeywell Total Connect cameras turn your smartphone into a mobile command center. Check on the kids arriving home from school and/or pets throughout the day. The Honeywell Total Connect app is now available for Apple TV, which means you can engage in real-time video viewing on any AppleTV-connected television as well!




Wait, wait, you say. This is all supposed to simplify my life, but I’ll have to remember to check these features. Not with Total Connect! Push notifications, texts and/or emails update you when triggered by key events, like  motion-activation video clips. When you set up smarthome automation with your Preventia Essentials, you put convenience and security all in one place – the palm of your hand.