Considering the benefits of smart home automation? Let’s talk!

Smart home integration features are here to stay. The convenience and energy-efficiency possibilities are endless. There are many great benefits to automating your home!

For one thing, we live in the South and summer is a hot, hot experience. Self-adjusting thermostats, the most desired smart home device for 72% of people polled by IControl Networks, keep your home at a comfortable temperature while you are away. Then they can turn up the air and cool things down just before you get home from work or play!


Energy efficiency doesn’t stop at the thermostat. Automated outdoor lighting ensures that you never leave lights on when you leave home: saving you money and a second thought. Gain total control through Honeywell’s Total Connect mobile app. You can feel more secure by turning on indoor lights before you walk through the door or adjust shades and turn off lights from the comfort of your bed.

Have you ever forgotten your house keys or needed to let in an unexpected guest? With keyless entry door locks, which can be controlled by your smartphone, you are never left standing on the doorstep. Use the electronic keypad or click the (un)lock icon on your Total Connect app to gain quick access to your home.

Security cameras aren’t just for the commercial space anymore. Easily installed, indoor and outdoor camera options guarantee you never miss a thing! Program notifications from motion-activation to capture furry friends going outside or children coming home from school. You can also monitor continuously; checking back on DVR/NVR footage or live on a mobile device. Keypads with built-in cameras send pictures when the system is disarmed. And have we even mentioned video doorbells yet? Two-way communication allows you to see and talk to guests at your doorstep.

Technology is the future and the future is now. Upgrade your home for total control, total convenience, and total peace of mind.

IControl Networks’ 2015 State of the Smart Home Report