Eagle Eye Camera System

Eagle Eye just came out with a new Smart Video Search feature. You can now have specific surveillance footage at your fingertips within seconds. No more scrubbing through hours of video – find what you’re looking for in just a few searches.

1. Search by Description

Search surveillance video the same way you search the web (Examples: Blue shirt with backpack; Red Toyota truck; Person on bike).

2. Narrow Results by Date/Time

Pinpoint specific video or incidents from any location or camera by choosing to view a specific date and time.

3. See Exact Video Results

Powerful AI delivers fast and accurate search results from any cloud-connected camera.

4. Easily Download and Share Video

Set alerts and make informed decisions during critical incidents with accessible and shareable video clips.

Efficiently Search All Surveillance Video

Save time and money with the ability to search across multiple cameras and locations, returning accurate results. Stop wasting time scrubbing through video and immediately find the exact people, vehicles, or objects you’re looking for – even search live video during critical incidents.

Free and Ready to Use

Smart Video Search is an added feature in the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS (video management system), there are no additional costs, installations, or subscriptions required. Smart Video Search works with your current cameras and all Eagle Eye Bridges/CMVRs – no upgrades or specialized cameras needed.


In conclusion, these new features from Eagle Eye Networks is a major step forward in the world of video surveillance. It allows users to search through their footage like they would search the internet, making it much easier to find and share specific videos. This will be a game changer for businesses and organizations that rely on video surveillance for security purposes.