Amanda Prince
Meet Amanda Prince.
She’s our Office Manager here at Preventia.

Amanda got a running start here at Preventia. She received a mere two days of training on all of her new job responsibilities before her trainer (and the company’s owner) went out of country! With limited support, Amanda managed customer service needs for a company she barely knew at the time. She proved herself to be an invaluable team member and has been flourishing ever since.

Amanda’s a natural when it comes to customer service thanks to her easy going personality and her positive attitude. In fact, that positive attitude is what co-workers and customers compliment her on most often! We like to call her our Director of First Impressions because, in her words,

“I want our customers to know that they are important. They may not remember what I said, but they’ll remember how they were treated.”

Amanda genuinely exemplifies this mentality in the way she interacts with our customers. She consistently solves problems from billing questions to Level 1 technical support and service appointment scheduling – all with a smile on her face. And, speaking of scheduling, arranging appointments based on customer needs and technician availability often resembles a Tetris game. Amanda and Brad, our General Manager, endeavor to fit all the pieces together as seamlessly as possible.

A quick word association session revealed that this dedicated momma of two is all about her family!

Fun: kids

Hero: Mickey (Amanda’s husband)

Family: my everything

Husband: best friend

Amanda readily answered that “without a doubt” her children and husband are her greatest accomplishments. Did we mention that these sweethearts will be celebrating 10 years of marriage in the summer!

To Amanda, success is “reaching individual and team goals; being recognized as someone who always gives their best effort.” It’s clear that she has achieved success over the past two and a half years as she has become more to our customers than just a service specialist: she’s become a friend.

We can’t wait for you to talk to Amanda and, because she handles our inbound calls, we won’t have to wait long!