Angela Mobley

Meet Angela Mobley. She’sour Residential Department Manager here at Preventia.

Angela got her start in the alarm security industry a little over 8 years ago with SCT Systems, Inc. We say “new” because at the beginning of 2019, our Preventia family merged with the SCT family and we are pleased to have gained Angela in the uniting of our two groups. The “family” culture is central to both groups and it has only been strengthened by this pillar of leadership. “I am really big on hospitality,” Angela explains, “I love to create an atmosphere where people can relax and mingle.” While she would be content to remain behind the scenes, Angela definitely deserves some spotlighting.

A Maury County native and security industry veteran, Angela is no stranger to the needs of our customers. She started working in retail management (almost) right out of high school and has been committed to customer service ever since. She is the connection between our technician team’s technical knowledge, our office staff’s customer service skills, and overall customer communication. In fact, Angela measures her accomplishment and success in helping customers and fellow team members alike overcome stress and confidently move forward! “[It’s] that moment when the person with whom I’m working goes from stressed to relieved. It’s a visible, tangible moment and I love watching it happen.” Angela is not only a standout team member, she is also a mother and an active member of her church.

When she’s not finding solutions to customer needs or working with technicians on set up, Angela can be found helping with remodeling projects or serving with her church’s youth group. She has overcome a difficult year and enjoyed the [greatest] fruits of her labors – “my KIDS.” Angela enthusiastically reveals, “They are my priority. I want to see them grow to be Christians and good humans above all – and, so far, so good. I witness their kindness and drive to seek out and lift up those less fortunate or outcast.” Attributes we know they have learned from their rockstar mom – Angela Mobley.