Joe Sheffield
Meet Ben Curtin. He’s a technician here at Preventia.

Ben got his start in the alarm security industry nearly three years ago with Preventia. With a motto like “hard work and determination are fundamental to success”, we’ve been fortunate to have Ben join our Preventia family (to say the least). Ben hails from Wingdale, New York and ventured to Tennessee 4 years ago to be closer to his brother – assisting with John’s recovery and rehabilitation after the military. We couldn’t be more thrilled that life brought him here and Ben has made it his home. He quotes Joe Dirt by saying “home is where you make it.”







Although not a native, this New Yorker has picked up the Southern charm faster than a hot knife through butter. He prides himself on reaching people on their level and is most often complimented on his ability to leave our customers empowered. Ben has also picked up the more complex side of the security industry; we look to him for all things camera – including installation, service, networking, and maintenance. He’s a whiz with home automation as well.

Always open to a little competition, Ben is a driven and attentive individual. He combines his attention-to-detail with his prior wiring / cabling experience to decipher, plan, design, execute and educate on each installation or service he completes. “Everyday, we [technicians] must largely think ‘outside the box’, so to speak, in order to make what is ‘inside the box’ work in a given environment.”

Ben measures success in two ways. First, the approach that he takes to solve customers’ issues: “Knowing that one has left no stone unturned and tested every logical, and in some cases illogical, possibility to finding a solution to a problem.” Second, in the customer’s experience with our company: “When customers feel like they are comfortable with what they have purchased and confident in using the service […] gaining the trust and gratitude of the customer defines a job well done.”


If he had it his way, Ben would be on the beach 4 months out of the year. If he’s not at the beach or working to solve problems for our customers, you might find Ben cycling or kayaking, playing with his two sweet dogs (Sadie and Cooper) or exploring new places as he hunts for Pokemon!