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Meet Darius Turrentine. He’s a technician here at SCT Preventia.

Darius got his start in the alarm security industry and with Preventia exactly one year, 12 days and so many hours ago. He is extremely precise with his answer and it may not be for the reason you’d think. As an “all or nothing” guy, Darius is counting the minutes because he’s enthusiastic about giving his all as a Preventia technician. And we are appreciative of every minute over the past one year, 12 days and so many hours because Darius is a motivated and diligent team member.

Preventia team at 2018 Christmas Party

Previously, Darius worked for a [big name] cable installation company and decided to try out Preventia for more of a career. As he explains, the difference in company culture is “night and day”. He observes that the quality of life at Preventia is “a million times better” and so is the customer base. Darius’ love for our customers is evident in his every interaction. “I like to build camaraderie with customers – talk to them, relate to them, joke with them, give them a hard time. It makes the work environment more fun and makes it easier for them to talk to you as the technician.” An ease we witnessed during this on-site interview where the store employee answered and joked right along with Darius. He’s not just relatable, he’s resilient.

Rain or shine, Darius is diligently working.

Darius enjoys a challenge; admitting it can be a strength and a downfall. One recent install pushed the limits and Darius proved the impossible can be made possible as he completed the project on time and to scope. His positivity and willingness, even in the face of a challenge, continues to astound us. When we asked him how he keeps a smile on his face, he reveals: “I look for solutions, not problems. One wire, one cable, one section at a time. You can only do as much as one person can do so focus on one thing at a time, then leave work at work.”

This disc golf playing, camping, Preventia ping pong champ also built an off-road buggy in his down time this year. If time, talents, and resources were no obstacle, we would lose Darius to the world of country music. He would be a country music singer faster than “rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey”. Lucky for us, his pitch isn’t exactly perfect!

Darius and John Duncan, Preventia Service Manager, at Warrior Dash 2018