Brad Slaughter
Meet Dustin Davis. He is a technician here at Preventia.

Dustin got his start in the alarm industry with Preventia two and a half years ago. Although his time in the industry may seem short, Dustin says it all when he explains, “I just kinda picked it up and quickly excelled in this business.” Dustin worked with low voltage in a previous job and was ready to expand his skills, lucky for us. A jack of all trades, thanks to his father and exposure to construction at an early age, Dustin has mastered all things security and become an invaluable mentor within our team.

“I try to lend a hand or my brain whenever I can. I am always up to help, especially for my fellow technicians: we are like brothers.”


This quote alone could stand as proof of Dustin’s dedication to his work family, but the feedback from our team’s quarterly reviews speaks volumes too.  When asked ‘who stood out as an outstanding player’, no matter the quarter, no matter the jobs, Dustin Davis is always featured – multiple times over:

“Dustin Davis is a very good outstanding team member. He gets his jobs done and will go out of his way to help others. He puts in more than his 110%”

“Dustin: Never ceases to amaze me with his attitude every time I see him.”

“Dustin, as always. The man never quits.”

This is just a sample of the shoutouts we receive on every team review. Over the past couple years, Dustin has accelerated through (what we consider) new technician basics to help complete some of our largest and most complicated projects. From cameras and networking to large commercial access control and multi-day projects, he is our rockstar.

When Dustin isn’t out of town installing or helping someone on our team, you might find him hunting or enjoying the outdoors as he considers himself a “country boy”.

He and his highschool sweetheart, Keishia, are also proud parents to two handsome boys and one precious girl. And can we just say, Dustin absolutely adores his family. When asked how he handles a particularly difficult day, he responded, “I call my wife and just talk to her and my youngest son. He makes me laugh by calling me names.” Also, when asked what comes to mind when he hears ‘security’, Dustin didn’t answer ‘work’ or ‘Preventia’; he answered ‘marriage’. (Feel free to say awww now).













Take it from Dustin Davis: “You get what you work for, not what you wish for!”

There’s no doubt, he has worked for and earned our love and respect.