Meet JD Liber. He’s a sales consultant here at Preventia.

JD got his start in the alarm security industry nearly 2 years ago. And his landing the job, as he describes it, really “wasn’t intentional”. With plans to join the Air Force, JD was interviewing for an open technician position when our hiring manager recommended him for inside sales instead. His generally talkative nature and strong work ethic, which he developed at an early age, made it a logical choice. He combined these qualities with his love of technology and has been helping potential customers ever since.

“Make it easy” is the mentality that drives JD’s sales style. He explains that he “just wants it to be a really simple process with an extremely consultative approach.” JD has grown to appreciate proactive customers, those who look for solutions before something has actually happened. But no matter the customer or situation, it is all about identifying specific problems and finding the best solution. And he’s willing to admit “sometimes the best solution for the customer may not be Preventia”: an attitude you don’t often find in sales. JD measures his success in making sure his customer is fully satisfied, to the point they wouldn’t recommend anyone else to their friends and family. He values the trust and confidence that is required to recommend a service company.

JD is committed to knowledge and integrity (and staying active!). He explains,

“I’ve done a lot of research, even outside of work, to know our competition and what’s out there. I believe it’s a disservice to the customer if you can’t offer all the resources available in this industry.”

He went on to affirm that the most important thing (in sales and in life) is doing what’s right, even when no one is looking.

When he’s not working on a custom quote or researching the latest products, you might find JD kayaking, fishing, grilling, or turkey hunting. He loves everything outdoors, no surprise for a Columbia native, and even shot his first bird this season.

Ready to restore your peace of mind or make sure you never lose it? Give JD Liber, Preventia Sales Consultant, a call today!