John Duncan
Meet John Duncan. He’s our Commercial Department Manager here at Preventia.

John got his start in the alarm security industry three years ago. At the time, he was working with West Tennessee Utility and was scheduled to install Preventia’s internet. Aaron, Preventia’s owner, was so impressed with John’s abilities and attitude that he offered him a job on the spot. John asserts: “Aaron offered me a job. God handed me a position.” That position has evolved rapidly over the past three years. From entry-level service technician with no security experience to senior technician with advanced technical knowledge and training, now to field and inventory manager, John has not stopped impressing us – or our customers.

John applies his field experience and technical expertise to provide Level 2 support to fellow technicians and customers alike. He is our technical support guru here at Preventia. When we don’t know, John does. When John doesn’t know, he won’t stop pursuing solutions until he does. In fact, John is most often complimented on his determination to resolve issues. His life mantra is

“There is always a solution, you just have to look for it.”

This determination has proved to be a major benefit to all on our team, as well as to our customers, and it all stems from his true passion – racing!

“I’ve been racing my entire life […] It’s not just about going out there and driving. It is geometry; knowing what type of springs to use; knowing one tire versus another; finding the roll center and how your weight transfers from one side to the other. It’s not about driving better than someone else; it’s knowing your car better.”

This “know better” mentality is evident in the way John manages our weekly schedule and offers support. He strives to know the jobs better, know the technicians better, know the technology better, and know our customers better in order to provide the best service. When not handling specialized jobs or providing technical support, John is processing our daily service appointments, reviewing our weekly schedule, managing inventory, preparing the technician team and, well, everything in between!

We are truly fortunate to have John as a member of our Preventia family. Oh, and speaking of family, we would be remiss not to mention John’s total adoration for his. He proudly affirms that his greatest accomplishment is “maintaining [my] family”. Check out John Duncan, Duncan Racing Team driver, at your local track and John Duncan, inventory and field manager, at Preventia.