Angela Mobley
Meet Marissa Hale.
She’s our Marketing Director and Accounts Payable / Receivable Manager here at Preventia.

Marissa started work at Preventia during the summer between her Freshman and Sophomore year of college. A much smaller company at the time, Marissa recounts:

“My brother, Aaron, was just growing the business and saw the benefit in having someone help around the office. I had quit my ‘high school’ job before starting college and needed a way to earn money through the summer. Though it was mutually beneficial, Aaron was more so doing me a favor.”

Marissa answered inbound phone calls and helped with scheduling service as a part-time employee; however, over the past 5 years, her role at Preventia has grown and evolved.

Marissa earned her Bachelor’s Degree in English from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville while continuing to work for Preventia. Passionate about creative writing and fascinated by religion and human interaction, she is able to apply her right-brain dominance to marketing. Marissa is responsible for Preventia’s social media content and management, including our Facebook, YouTube Channel, and website.

“Preventia is a referral based company, which means we don’t do much direct advertising. Only in the past year or so have we started to focus on marketing and branding – really getting in front of our customers to let them know who we are and what we can do for them. I am delighted to have been able to take on that role as we move forward.”

In a surprising combination, Marissa also exercises her left-brain tendencies as our Accounts Payable / Receivable Manager. She is most often complimented for her attention to detail and organizational skills; attributes which are of major benefit when it comes to accounting! She frequently assists with invoicing complications and payment allocation; however, it is the simple, unassuming work of monthly reconciliations that “really calls to her and her methodical side.” Marissa can also be found helping with a variety of company responsibilities – from internal support and special events coordination to customer service.

Marissa enthusiastically asserts that her greatest accomplishment is “marrying a man who respects, supports, and challenges me simply in the way he loves me and strives to improve himself.” When not activating a cellular unit or creating a Facebook post for Preventia, Marissa enjoys exploring this big wide world, serving the youth of her church, and hobnobbing with family.