Amanda Prince

Meet Scott Herrel. He’s our Sales Manager here at Preventia.

Although Scott got his start in the alarm security industry only a few months ago, he is no stranger to sales or managing people. An Alabama native and a business graduate from The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Scott made Nashville home after an opportunity presented itself in the fitness industry. He admits that he has always been a techy person and, after several successful years helping to grow team members in that industry, he was looking for a new opportunity.  “Being able to work with the newest technology while being able to protect and truly help people was a win-win for me.” Scott decided on Preventia and we are happy to have this high-energy, optimistic leader join our team to help us grow.

His overall mindset and approach to management are exemplified in two personal mottos: “always be the hardest worker in the room” and “success comes in setting goals and being resilient in reaching them.” Sales is a rollercoaster – “you face a lot of rejection, get a lot of no’s” – and the job requires resilience; managing an entire team of sales consultants who’re riding that wave requires its own type of resilience. Scott applies optimism to all that he does and works to solve problems with enthusiasm. These attributes have greatly enhanced our sales teams in Columbia and Lafayette.

Scott has a sponge memory for all things, except movies. He confesses that he can watch a movie multiple times over without remembering it. The same cannot be said when it comes to people. Personal connections, from career to family, are his greatest accomplishments. And speaking of family, Scott was quick to answer “lucky” when asked about his beautiful wife, Katie. This sweet pair turned friendship into a lifelong partnership and have been rocking out ever since – literally. Both play guitar (among other stringed instruments) and enjoy a nice dinner out.

If you don’t find Scott assisting with sales proposals, tracking team performance or meeting with new customers, you might find him fishing, power-lifting or flexing as a hobbyist wood-worker. We heard he even built his own speakers!