Meet Wayne Owens.
He’s our senior field manager here at Preventia.

Wayne got his start in the alarm security industry 14 years ago and has been with Preventia since our very beginning. He developed a strong work ethic at an early age, getting his first job framing houses at the age of 13. Wayne attributes his storehouse of knowledge and skill to his hard-working father, a plumber and electrician who encouraged demonstrated meticulous effort in everything he did and Wayne’s help with jobs. This wealth of information, from how structures are built to electricity, as well as his attention to detail has proved to be of immeasurable benefit to our team.

Over the past 8 years with Preventia, Wayne has grown into a field management position at the senior level and handles large, multi-day commercial projects like no one else. He admits that he enjoys the commercial field and that he measures success by how much he is able to get done. With multi-day projects, Wayne gauges how much he has accomplished by setting small, achievable goals. He further explains that “being experienced really helps in commercial work because they [customers / general contractors] aren’t going to give you any details as far as what they want.” Wayne certainly sets the standard on pace and we know we can depend on him to finish things quickly (and correctly)!








Wayne has an especially positive attitude. When asked about his greatest challenge this year, he couldn’t think of anything negative to share:

“Been a great year. Nobody’s died this year. Haven’t really had anything bad happen. I can’t complain about having a tough day because there is always someone out there who has had a tougher one. With so many people not having jobs, I shouldn’t complain when I have one. God did me right. Happy, healthy family and I just sold 2 of my cars.”

Speaking of that happy, healthy family, Wayne is married to his sweetheart Lisa and they have an active, go-getting son, Dylan. As a family, they enjoy back porch sitting and taking it easy. Wayne also breeds (meat) rabbits for zoos and revealed that anything you cook with chicken could be made with rabbit (though he didn’t share his rabbit and dumplings recipe).

There’s no doubt that everyone on our team would admit “Wayne is the man” and our motto in the field is “what would Wayne do”.

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