Brad Slaughter
Meet Will Kiilerich-Bowles.
He’s our Senior Sales Consultant here at Preventia.

Will got his start in the alarm security industry and in sales nearly two years ago – and what a start it has been! This Tennessee native graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and a minor in Physics, though he was quick to point out that he never took Geophysics. For two years, he put his knowledge to use working with a local geotechnical engineering and environmental testing firm as a construction materials technician. But, he found the work a little anticline-actic and not a good use of his amphibole personality (eh, eh – any geology pun lovers out there?).

Much to our benefit, Will got a little boulder (sorry, last pun!) and interviewed for our sales position.

Will’s Interview

While his background is not in sales or technology, Will insists he has been working with futuristic tech since his birth and he stays up-to-date on all the latest. He is especially enthusiastic about smarthome automation trends and the audio/video side of the alarm industry. In fact, these are the areas on which he most consistently concentrates when making new sales and addressing customer needs.

“I really really love tech stuff. I just get a kick out of it. And I really really like helping people out.”

As someone who aspires to help all in his path, Will has had to find the balance between professional and personal. He assumed the role of sales vice president within just a year and a half at Preventia, while also making time to craft homemade beer, found his ultimate frisbee team – Wagon Wheel Ultimate, and raise two adorably handsome boys with his wife, Liz. The latter of which Will affirmed was his greatest accomplishment in life. And speaking of Liz, when asked to shout out the first word that came to mind, his response was hero.

When Will hears security, he thinks alarm and he knows that, as a sales consultant, he needs to “be able to help customers understand vulnerabilities in their home or workplace”. He made the transition to the alarm industry because, in his words,

“it gives [me] the opportunity to help people and this is truly [my] life mission.” He went on to say, “often times we are working with people who have experienced a break-in. I see myself as a person who can help those who are going through/have gone through a traumatic experience, much like a doctor at the ER.”

You can rest assured that Will’s ultimate goal is to make schist happen (really, we promise that was the last one) and make sure you receive exactly what you need.