Aaron Whitaker

Meet Ben Prasser. He’s a Field Manager here at SCT Preventia.

Ben got his start in the alarm security industry 14 years ago and he never expected that start would “turn into what it is now.” At the time, Ben had been finishing his bachelor’s degree in Management and Human Resources when a church friend approached him with a job, which he readily accepted.

Motivated by the principle found in Colossians 3:23, he explains, “if in everything you do you are working for God, that is going to drive you to do your best at whatever you’re doing. I don’t look at it as though I work for Aaron (or for Larry), I work for God.” His willingness, professionalism, and industry experience over the past several years have enabled him to become the security superstar he is today. We were lucky to have Ben join our team when SCT Systems Inc. merged with Preventia in January of this year!

Ben has embraced the transition; applying not only his years of industry experience, but also his background in management to quickly become a leader and resource to all. He believes the greatest evidence of his own ability is the development of other co-workers, particularly those who are newer to the industry.

“If I’m helping another technician, if he develops and does a good job even after working with me, that is proof that I’m good at what I do.”

Ben has honed his troubleshooting skills, from security and fire systems to access control and networking, to empower fellow technicians, and even customers, to easily resolve issues.

When he’s not troubleshooting or mentoring fellow team members, you might find Ben working with his local church congregation to ensure worship responsibilities are fulfilled, enjoying the outdoors, or just spending time with his sweet family. Ben couldn’t help but to gush when speaking of his wife: “Honestly, without her, I wouldn’t be as good of a person as I am and life would be a lot more difficult.”

And speaking of family – all that Ben is and all that Ben does is for his family. When asked how he measures success – in work and in life – he readily answers: “Is my family happy and taken care of? Are my co-workers happy and taken care of? Am I happy and taken care of?” What’s more, Ben remarks: “I want to make sure my family can be proud of what I do.”

Even in the short time he’s been a part of our SCT Preventia family, we can most assuredly say that we are proud of Ben Prasser.