Building the perfect home security and smart home system setup can seem daunting. There are products and choices galore. How do you know which ones are essential? We’ll give you our 8 best home security system products (and what makes them the best) for the perfect alarm system setup.

  1. Touchscreen keypad – we recommend the Resideo Lyric Controller.

All security systems are controlled from a keypad. Most basic security systems will include a push-button keypad; the best security systems will include a touchscreen keypad. 

Touchscreen means your buttons will never wear out or fade. The display screen guarantees easy identification of alarms or equipment troubles. We recommend the Resideo Lyric Controller because it snaps a photo of the person disarming the alarm; features a silent panic button; and can be controlled with your voice!

2. Key-free Deadbolt Lock – we recommend the Yale Assure

You have a lot to keep up with and your keys shouldn’t be one of them. 

The key-free deadbolt design means you’re not at risk for lock-picking. Plus, you’ll have thousands of code combinations with the 10 number button Yale Assure model.  Easily add or remove codes for kids, guests, dog-sitters – whoever! You can connect your electronic deadbolt lock to your security system for automated schedules and quick lock status verification.

3. Video Doorbell – we recommend the SkyBell Video Doorbell

Think of the video doorbell as a peephole 2.0 – security meets convenience. 

Not only can you see visitors from anywhere on your mobile device, you can also communicate with them through two-way audio. Record video clips based on push button or motion activation! The Skybell Video Doorbell  installs in the place of your existing doorbell and connects to your security system through the Resideo Total Connect mobile app. 

4. Door / Window Sensor – we recommend wireless sensors

No security system is complete without door and/or window sensors. 

Burglars target the front door and first floor windows when entering a home. Door and window sensors are the first line of defense because they’ll trigger your on-site siren and your emergency contacts. You can install hard-wired or wireless door and window sensors. If you’re looking to keep install time short and eliminate drilling, we recommend wireless.

5. Motion Detector – we recommend wireless

If door and window sensors are the infantry, motion detectors are the cavalry. 

If a burglar manages to get through a door or window undetected, motion detectors are your second layer of protection. Motion detectors cover a 35-60 foot range and are pet immune (up to 80lbs). This means broad detection and limited false alarms. We recommend wireless for easy installation, easy adjustment, and easy relocation.

6. Indoor Camera – we recommend the Resideo Indoor IP Camera

Give yourself eyes in the back of your head, and the side and the top…

With indoor cameras, you can monitor your exterior doors from the inside, view the kids’ playroom, or check-in anywhere in the house! Two-way communication means you can see, hear, and talk to your kids right from your smartphone. Worried about your own privacy? Don’t be! The Resideo Total Connect app allows you to turn off both viewing and sound for any camera, at any time. Did we mention that Video Alarm Verification equals faster response time for break-ins?!

7. Smoke Detector – we recommend Resideo

Professionally installed and monitored smoke detectors help you react faster to real danger – whether you are home or away. 

While independently installed smoke detectors will alert you in the event of a fire (if you are home), only monitored smoke detectors will notify you AND emergency responders whether you are home or away. Monitored smoke detectors are essential to the best home security system setup. We recommend Resideo siX smoke detectors for a modern look and reliable integration.

8. Interactive Mobile Services – compatible with iOS or Android

You do everything from your smartphone or smartwatch; why not manage you security and home too?

Interactive mobile services connect your security and smart home to your mobile device. You can set push notifications to be alerted to anything concerning. You can arm / disarm your alarm using the virtual keypad and control smart devices like cameras, locks, video doorbells, garage doors, thermostats, and more. We recommend the Resideo Total Connect app because it integrates with several other great security products, putting total control in your hands.