Emphatically, yes! The traditional catalysts for having a security system installed – heightened assurance of  life safety and protection of one’s property – are taking a back seat to new motivators. So what does motivate someone to purchase a security system these days? Wakefield Research and Allegion recently conducted a study of 1000 US adults. They wanted to learn more about homeowners’ experiences with security and determine specific security issues that prompt security system installation.

Of those surveyed, 75% responded that they were “uncertain about whether or not they locked the door to their house.” The percentage is higher with parents at 81% and millennials at 83. We all know the feeling of arriving at your destination only to question whether or not you actually locked the door or shut the garage. Busy parents, am I right? The survey identified another motivating security issue was a lost or misplaced key, which 56% indicated. These concerns and security events lend themselves to a new motive for installing a security system – smart home automation, specifically smart door locks and doorbells.













Wakefield Research conducted a study along with Schlage, a company that manufactures keyless entry deadbolts, wherein they found renters who were surveyed “would pay 20 percent more to have smart home features”. Some renters even value these features above having a parking space! Furthermore, 45% of those surveyed believe physical keys will be obsolete in the next 10 years. Eliminate the questions “where are my keys” and “did I lock up” with solutions like keyless, electronic locks and smartphone mobile control. You’re almost never without your smartphone; why not maximize on convenience and increase your peace of mind? The smarthome industry is exploding and automation doesn’t stop at door locks.

From thermostats and light bulbs to window shades and garage doors, technological upgrades in security equipment have allowed for greater connectivity and integration. Honeywell’s Lyric controller, for example, is designed for easy pairing with automation devices. Moreover, to a greater extent than ever before, customers are seeking out security companies to set up their audio/video and home theater equipment as well. And it just makes sense. Alarm security companies are already equipped with the knowledge and licensing for installing these new technologies, like in-wall wiring for in-wall or in-ceiling speakers and an understanding of necessary bandwidth for supporting automation devices. The alarm technician adding new door sensors or video cameras can, at the same time, install your audio receiver and connect it to your TV. Two birds, one stone. And who doesn’t appreciate saving stones?

When you think security, you think protection. You should also think convenience and connectivity!