So you have officially installed your Resideo smart home security system! Congratulations. Today we want to walk you through the features of the Total Connect App. You can use this app to arm and disarm your system, check the activity on your cameras & even set up geo-fencing capabilities. Oh and by the way… you can do this from ANYWHERE. 

When you first open your app you’ll be prompted to login. Once logged in, you will be brought straight to the “home” page. Here you can see the status of your system… Is it disarmed? To arm it, it is as simple as pressing one button. This is also where your notifications can be found. You’ll get notifications when anything is done to your security system. It will tell you which user did what with exact time stamps. You can also find your local weather forecast here!

Next is the “cameras” page.

This is here you can view all of your camera activity in live time. Maybe you’re checking on a pet or a kid that just got home from school. This is where you can check on them!

Moving on is our “activity” page.

This is where you can find a long list of your history. Those notifications we talked about earlier go here once they’ve been viewed. You can even filter the entries by type, date/time, & login/logout activity.

Next you have your profile which is where you set your password for the app itself and also your 4-digit passcode to arm your system! Here is also where you can choose to enable email and SMS notifications in case of emergency.

A very neat feature that not many people know about can be found under More > Settings > Geofence. Here you can set up geofence arming reminders. You simply choose a set radius around your home/business. Using the granted location permissions, your smart phone will notify you if you’ve forgotten to arm your system and remind you to do so! This feature is very useful if you’re forgetful or always in a rush. I know it’s helped me many times. Settings is also where you can add users, pair your Amazon Alexa, enable FaceID, & check diagnostics.

We hope that this walk through has helped you navigate in your Total Connect App. For professional installation and/or a quote, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at:


[email protected]

We would love to service you. Gain control of your home today with a Preventia smart home security system.