Investing in a security system was not on my to-do list this year.  I thought it was a luxury that someday maybe I would consider.  To give you a spoiler alert, I installed a security system and I want to explain the unexpected benefits I enjoy now.

What motivated me to install Preventia?

Everything in the world is crazy right now.  Everywhere you go you hear about something going wrong somewhere.  When I looked around my property I realized if someone were to break into my office, they would walk out with tens of thousands of dollars worth of my belongings.  Or, even worse, a staff member could be working and someone pops a lock on the backdoor and potentially harms them.  

These are uncomfortable things to think about, but they were real thoughts I had when I was debating whether or not I should install an alarm system. In the end, I decided to pull the trigger.

There were a lot of unexpected benefits

What I didn’t realize when I installed my alarm system was the amount of productivity spike that would happen.  I like to think I’m not a fearful person, but when leaving on a trip to Cancun… it crosses my mind quite often, what is going on at home?  Is my dog OK?  Did a pipe burst?  Is my TV gone?

With Preventia, I login to my app and I can check at any time.  If an alarm goes off, I get a call/text immediately.  

That peace of mind oddly leads to me getting more done.  The idea of leaving for the weekend to go see a client is no longer a big risk.  Set my alarm, lock the door, and make a happy client.

My employees love it too.  When opening shop, they don’t have to worry about someone hiding in the backroom.  I know that sounds paranoid, but especially women these days have to think about these things!  Knowing their employer took the extra steps to ensure they feel comfortable coming in at 5am to open up in the dark leads to a better culture.

Warning –

It makes way too much sense now.  Once you get a taste, you start to think of all the possibilities.

I was cheap going into the alarm.  I just simply wanted to know if a door was open or a window was smashed.  Of course then you start realizing… What if I could check in on my office when I’m not on duty?   Sure, getting an alarm signal will lead to saving my stuff, but what if I want to see a license plate of who was driving away?   What if a pipe bursts while I’m away? Water damage can cost a fortune.  

So you end up with outdoor cameras, leak detectors with autovalve shutoffs, motion sensors, and that’s before you get into all the smart home automation! But this warning has an upside, as you can get these worries off your mind and get back to your day. Also, insurance often will give you a discount for installing these systems.


I get more out of my day now with Preventia Security.  I highly recommend you consider the unexpected benefits of installing a security system too.  I appreciate the peace-of-mind that comes with locking my doors, arming my system, and knowing I’m taken care of.