So you’re thinking about a home security system? Which means you’re probably thinking about the cost of a home security system. You’ve, no doubt, heard other companies advertise ‘free’ systems and no upfront costs. What they conveniently leave in the fine print is the high monthly monitoring rate, the additional activation fee, the equipment’s quality, and the lengthy contract – which may or may not include an increase to your monthly monitoring after a specified period of time. These advertisements also fail to mention that you don’t own the equipment. With Preventia, our business model is a little different than our competition. We ask you, our favorite new customer, to invest a bit up front by purchasing your equipment. By investing in the equipment cost up front, we save you money in the long term. How? We keep the monthly monitoring cost low because we aren’t trying to recoup the equipment cost over an extended time period.

Our Preventia Essentials Package, the most commonly recommended new customer package, includes the control panel (the system’s brain), keypad (the brain’s controller), 3 door sensors (perimeter protection), a motion detector (interior protection), and a cellular communicator (the link between your house and our monitoring center/emergency services). This package is designed to cover 90% of break-in threats. No hidden fees. No landline required. You own your equipment. At Preventia, we not only believe in saving you money, we also believe in creating custom solutions to meet individual needs.

Technology is everywhere and nearly all technology is customizable. Shouldn’t your alarm system be as well? The first step in the Preventia experience is a free, in-person sales consultation with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. These sales representatives can help you design a custom system setup to meet your individual needs. We install only high-quality, Honeywell equipment and offer a one year warranty on all equipment.

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Say you already have some alarm equipment in the home; you might be asking, ‘what is the cost of an alarm system takeover?’ There is little to no upfront cost when Preventia takes over monitoring existing equipment. Wait, you exclaim. Little? Because we want to save you money long term, at our free sales consultation, our sales representative might recommend upgrading some equipment to ensure quality and longevity. Don’t let the ‘free’ equipment claim distract you from the difference… and the fine print.