We here at Preventia strive to be a resource for all your security and smart home needs. This means that we study, research, service and work with several different brands and equipment types. It also means we often hear customer ask some of the same questions. This article will focus on the questions frequently asked about purchasing security equipment. (Stay tuned for our follow up on security technical questions and smart home automation!)

Q: How much does a system cost?

This is probably the MOST common question and…you might not like our answer, but it is honest.

A: It depends.

Every person, every house is different – which means the protection you need is different. We don’t advertise a one-size-fits-all price because what you pay will depend on what you need to protect your home or business. Okay, okay we know you’re looking for some estimation range.

A low end = $200 <————————————————————> higher end range = $600

(for typical residential system including sensors and keypad / control panel)

Keep in mind, price variation depends on type of equipment and number of sensors. Also, not all equipment is of equal quality. Go buy the camera kit from the big bargain store and you’ll see they aren’t using those same cameras. A la carte items, like smart home automation equipment or cameras, are not usually included, though an indoor camera is included in our essentials package. These items can be added separately with additional cost. For a more specific price quote, schedule a FREE in-person sales consultation! (615.422.5276)


Q: Can I use equipment already installed?

A: (Almost) Always!

We know that is not very specific, but most equipment can easily be re-programmed and set up for monitoring. We have seen occasions where the equipment was locked by the previous dealer, is too old, or is not compatible with certain other equipment. Again, our sales consultants will meet with you to discuss your needs and can


Q: How does the system communicate / do I need a landline?

A: It’s pretty simple. There are two options when it comes to monitoring:

Landline. If you’ve still got it, use it. We can connect your system through the hardline, landline for communication on alarms. There is no additional cost per month. If you only use it for telemarketers and family, ditch it and consider…

Cellular. This communicator operates the same way your cell phone does (using cell towers in your area), but does not affect your cellular plan. We simply install the communicator – called a GSM – and connect your system! There is no fear of wires being cut or disconnected; just a fast, reliable communication line. Because we incur the cellular cost for the communicator, the monitoring is just a few dollars more per month.

Still have questions? Contact us via our website, Facebook or by phone.