We’ve been around for a few years and, in that time, we’ve heard some repeat problems. Don’t wait for a technician to service; tackle your trouble yourself! Below are the three most common technical questions we’ve heard over the years and some troubleshooting and solutions.



  • My panel is showing trouble / triangle symbol, what do I do?


First, don’t panic. No, really it’s simple and the first thing we really need to do is identify – what type of panel do you have?

You can look on the panel itself for Resideo, DSC, Ademco or other brand names. Newly installed equipment by Preventia is (almost) always Resideo, while customers from companies we’ve acquired will have DSC equipment. Once you’ve identified your panel, follow the instructions below to identify the trouble and how to clear (if trouble has been / can be resolved).

Resideo Lyric ControllerResideo Lyric GatewayResideo Vista 15 or AdemcoDSC
Select “security” iconSelect “alert” iconThe word “check” will be displayed on the screenSelect [*] button
Select “zone” iconGateway will announce troubles and suggested actionsSelect any key to silence beepingSelect [2] button
Zone with associated trouble will appear on screenSelect “disarm” iconTrouble codes will appear on screen as listed belowFor LCD keypad, use arrows to scroll through trouble codes
If trouble has been corrected, select “clear alarms” and enter your user codeEnter your user code to clearEnter four digit code followed by [1] button, repeat.For keypad, zones in trouble status will light up as follows
FC – Failure to communicate (issues with landline or cell service)

BAT – System low battery (see below!)

Lo Bat + Zone – Low battery in specific sensor

RCVR Jam / Check 90 – wireless sensor or keypad is experiencing interference in connection (requires service by technician)

FAULT 91 – interference between control panel and sensor (requires service by technician)

CC – control panel is connected to central station

Check 70 – trouble with wiring to siren

No AC – loss of main power

Check 94 – trouble with phone line

Check bf or Check 103 – trouble with cell unit

Check (zone number) – trouble with sensor

Zone 1 – Low battery (select 1 again for specifics)

Zone 2 – Loss of AC power (this is your main power, check your break box and/or the outlet where system is plugged)

Zone 3 – Phone line trouble (if monitored through landline service, there is an issue with that service)

Zone 4 – Failure to communicate (will likely require service as this may be a wiring or connection issue)

Zone 5 – Zone in fault (press 5 to view specific zone)

Zone 6 – Zone tamper (press 6 to view specific zone, check sensor cover)

Zone 7 – Low battery on zone (press 7 to view specific device)

Zone 8 – Loss of time

For specific questions on troubles that cannot be cleared, give us a call at 615.422.5276!



  • My panel is showing low battery, what do I do?


Keep in mind, your battery is backup source of power. The system will only switch to battery power if your main power goes out (like, during a storm or because of an electrical surge). Again, we need to identify – what type of panel do you have? See below for step-by-step instructions:

Resideo Lyric ControllerResideo Lyric GatewayResideo Vista 15 or AdemcoDSC
Follow (above) instructions on determining zone with low batteryOpen Gateway’s back cover by unscrewing and removingLocate control panel box and open (check for lock / key or screw on top)Locate control panel box and open (check for lock / key or screw on top)
For low main panel battery, contact our office for a replacement battery pack or look onlineUnplug battery pack and unplug power cord (if using ethernet cord, unplug it as well)Inside the control panel box, locate backup batteryInside the control panel box, locate backup battery
Select “security” iconInstall replacement battery pack and reinstall battery pack clip, if includedUnplug red and black wires from battery terminalsUnplug red and black wires from battery terminals
Select “tools” icon and enter user codeClose case and replace screwReplace with new battery and re-attach wires to corresponding terminals (red to red and black to black)Replace with new battery and re-attach wires to corresponding terminals (red to red and black to black)
Select “advanced” iconClear keypad by entering four digit user code and [1] button, four digit code and [1]Wait 24 hours for system to reset
Select “install backup battery”
Select “yes” option and leave install screen open
Unscrew back cover and remove existing battery
Install replacement battery pack and replace battery pack clip (if included)
Close back case and replace screw
Select “ok” on screen and confirmation message will appear

It’s important to note that after your main power has been restored, the battery can recharge itself through the system and this may take up to 24 hours. We also have a how-to change your battery video for the Lyric Controller and for Resideo Vista 15 on our YouTube channel!



  • My system no longer beeps / chimes when I open doors, what do I do?


This is a common problem and, luckily, has a simple solution! You guessed it, instructions will depend on what type of panel you have! See below:

Resideo Lyric ControllerResideo Lyric GatewayResideo Vista 15 or AdemcoDSC
System must be disarmedUse the MyGatewayHome app to manage chime optionsEnter your four digit master user codeSelect [*]
Select “setting” iconOpen the app and select “security”Select [9] buttonSelect [4]
Select “chime” iconSelect “tools” icon and enter master user codeThe system will beep 3 times if chime has successfully been enabled
Select “voice” setting to enable chimeSelect “edit chime”
Adjust volume to preferred levelFor specific sensors
Select “save”Select the zone and “edit” option
For specific sensorsPress “chime” until preferred sound is selected
Select “security” iconSelect “save”
Select “zones” icon and enter user code
Press “select all”option (sensor list will appear)
Select a sensor / zone
Continue pressing sensor / zone until preferred sound is selected
Select back arrow to save selection

Still have questions? Can’t clear that trouble? We are happy to help, just call us 615.422.5276 or visit us online