Your home’s security system is what you make of it. Everyone has different preferences and priorities! When you call Preventia, we will send a licensed security consultant to your home so that you can discuss your family’s specific needs. While they are there, they will take a look at your home and point out some potential high-risk areas and let you know how you can best secure them. Whether that be through products we offer or free solutions using things you already have laying around the house, we are here to help you in whatever way we can.

Here are the top 10 security products to keep your home safe:

  • IP Camera

An IP Camera is an indoor video camera that can be set down on a tabletop or mounted on your wall. It will only record when you want it to & it will notify you via our app if it detects any unusual movement or sounds. This camera is very easy to install, you just plug it in and connect it to your app!

  • Door Sensors

Door sensors are exactly what they sound like! They stick right on your doors and will alert you if a door has been opened. We can also program your system to let you know which door it was. If your system is armed away and an open door has been detected, it will trip the alarms and alert you, our monitoring center, and the police.

  • Motion Detectors

Motion detectors are another important part of smart home security. Let’s say you have your door sensors… perfect! But those door sensors are only tripped when the door is physically opened. What if someone were to break the glass on your door? That’s where motion detectors come into play. This device will alert you if there has been motion detected while you’re away. Of course, your indoor IP video camera will catch this as well. But this will be installed right above your door and will be the first piece of equipment that sounds the alarms.

  • Glass Break Sensors

Speaking of broken glass, those nice slider doors aren’t all we have to worry about. 23% of burglars will enter your home through a window, even if it means breaking it. This sensor will pick up the frequency of breaking glass and let you know that someone has just smashed your window.

  • Water Leak Detector

Water leak detecors are a key part of security systems in situations where the homeowner does a lot of traveling. Perhaps you’re interested in securing your summer home or maybe you travel so much that you’re rarely in town. Whatever the case, you’ll be glad to have this water leak detector in the event that a pipe should burst.

  • Outdoor Cameras

This is a big one! Outdoor cameras not only let you know what is going on around the perimeter of your home, it is also a deterrent to your average burglar. Burglars have said that they tend to stay away from homes that have visible outdoor cameras. They don’t want to run the risk of getting caught and if the homeowner has outdoor cameras, that is a good indicator that the inside of the home is also tricked out with alarms!

  • Video Doorbell

Another hot seller here at Preventia are video doorbells. Video doorbells are easy to install and can protect you from porch pirates, ensure that your kids arrive home safely from school & let you check who is at the door before you answer it. The doorbells that we install have 2 way audio technology so that you can communicate back and forth with visitors. This specific device also has a built in motion sensor to alert you when movement is detected in front of your door.

  • Keypad

Every system has a password protected keypad. On this keypad you can control your whole security system. You can arm your home to “stay” or “away” mode. This is also where you will have a few seconds to enter your passcode and disarm your system when you’re entering your home.

A benefit you have when working with professionals like Preventia that you don’t get by installing any old smart home security kits yourself is that we can create a fake passcode that will turn off your alarm but still alert your monitoring service and the police that you’re in immediate danger. For instance, lets say you arrive home and there is an armed robber waiting for you. What he will likely do is threaten you to turn off your alarm and stay out of his way. You can enter your pre-determined “fake” passcode and it will turn off all of the alarms as if you’ve just disarmed your system. However, the monitoring team will follow through as if it’s a state of emergency and the police will be on their way immeditately.

  • App Control

You’re late for your kids soccer game and you rushed out the door without arming your system. Did you get all comfortable in bed without arming your system to home mode? No worries! You can control everything right through our app. Another awesome service our app has to offer is “geo-fencing”. Geo-fencing will allow you to choose a set radius outside your home. When you leave your home, your phone will use it’s location settings to arm your system once you step foot outside this predetermined area. 

We hope that this helps you to know what products you should look into when planning out your smart home security. We highly recommend that you go with a professional to get superior service and products. There are some security systems that you can get as a kit from Best Buy, sure… But they are nowhere near as effective as a professional installation with high-end equipment. We would love to be those professionals for you. 

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