When it comes to a home fire, every second counts. House fires can double in size every minute that passes according to firefighter data. About HALF of home fire deaths occur between 11PM and 7AM – when most people are sleeping. There’s a simple action that can help keep you safe!

The Firefighter Safety Research Institute has determined that closing your bedroom door helps prevent a fire from spreading, lessens smoke damage and could even save lives.

This simple step works because fires spread quicker with the more oxygen they have. When a door is closed during a fire, a person inside the room experiences:

  • More survivable temperatures – temperatures typically remain below 100 degrees Fahrenheit versus (upwards of) 1000 degrees with an open door.
  • More survivable oxygen levels – oxygen levels stay around 18% (as compared to a normal 20%) versus a decreased 8% with an open door.
  • More survivable carbon monoxide levels – carbon monoxide levels hover close to 100 parts per million versus 10,000PPM with an open door.

Modern building materials, home furnishings and floor-plans have contributed to faster spreading fires.The average escape time in today’s homes is three minutes or less. Closing your bedroom door is a simple step that can help give you more survivable time and closing your doors after escaping a room can help slow the fire’s growth.

Make your fire defense even stronger with monitored smoke detectors. Monitored smoke detectors are different from local-only detectors because they ensure you’re notified on-site AND that the fire department is notified in the event of a fire. Have questions? We’re happy to help 615.422.5276 or 615.666.3800