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Brivo security systems

Powerful partners for state of the art results.

Using solutions with our partners we can:

Effortlessly access real-time facility views securely stored in the cloud, enabling instant access from anywhere in the world.

Achieve heightened security through unified access control and video surveillance integration, facilitating remote monitoring of facilities.

Utilize user analytics to monitor visitor traffic, pinpoint peak business hours, and gauge user interaction with displays.

Employ user loitering analytics to identify waiting lists and potential break-ins when an individual or vehicle remains stationary for an extended period.

Leverage camera tampering analytics to receive alerts regarding blocked, covered, or moved cameras.

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Free System Plan

We build custom solutions to meet your exact needs. Let us give you a free system design covering all your security threats.


Professional Installation

Our local installation technicians do all the work. They don't leave until you're protected.


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Two months of free monitoring when you sign up for new service.

Some of the fire products we install

Fire Protection

Our fire detection systems, featuring a contemporary design and commercial-grade components, keep you and the authorities informed about potential dangers whether you’re open for work or off for the holiday. We’ve helped with required life systems and insurance coverage and know exactly what you need.

Make sure to capitalize on insurance discounts available to customers with monitored fire systems.

Video Monitoring

Video surveillance is an essential part of any business security plan. It can help you to deter crime, investigate incidents, and protect your assets and people. We offer proactive video monitoring in order to identify crime before and as it is happening, instead of after the fact. Get more out of your camera system with this advanced solution.

Smart Video Search

Eagle Eye Smart Video Search empowers users to search through their surveillance footage efficiently, enabling the identification of specific individuals, vehicles, and objects across all cameras.

For example, A person standing in white shirt, Red Sedan Car, Backpack, etc

Access Management

Brivo access control system

Effectively manage multiple locations.

Remote access to lock/unlock doors.

Track employees arrivals and departures.

Effortlessly manage multiple locations and doors.

Eliminate the necessity for re-keying or issuing new keyfobs.

Control access by restricting entry to designated employees at specific times.

Woman clocking in to get access

Smart Controls from Anywhere in the World

Streamline your business operations: automate lighting, locks, outlets, and more.

Effortlessly arm and disarm your system remotely, from any location worldwide.

Verify deliveries with ease.

Keep tabs on employee arrivals and departures.

Receive immediate motion and alarm alerts for quick response.

Easily review and share camera history for comprehensive monitoring.

Engage in real-time communication with visitors through connected cameras.

Stay connected with a Preventia professional around the clock, 24/7.

The Brivo complete system

Asset Protection / GPS

Preventia has a solution to protect your assets of any kind with its smart asset protection equipment.

Protect your loved ones with our medical alert pendant options and keyfobs for ageing family members.

Keep track of your vehicles with Preventia’s GPS tracking module that allows real-time remote tracking accessible from phones, tablets, and PCs.

Burglary Detection

A professionally-installed business security system protects you against the threat of burglary and gives you peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

Automate your business: lights, locks, outlets, and more

Arm and disarm remotely, from anywhere in the world

Confirm deliveries

View instant motion and alarm alerts

Review and share camera history

Talk to visitors via cameras

Our Five Diamond TMA-rated monitoring center ensures you the fastest, most reliable response to any alarm signal. As we operate locally, we also offer in-person support when you need it.
Commercial Security Installation Services

We're the Resourceful, Responsive, and Accommodating Partner You Can Trust to Protect Your Business

The Preventia team is ready to build your custom commercial security system and professionally install it on your schedule.

We Can Monitor Anything

Preventia not only provides but advocates for cellular monitoring using our wireless communicators. Simple to install and operate, these communicators minimize the risk of landline tampering, ensuring a secure and dependable connection. Cellular monitoring empowers you to remotely manage your system, monitor alarm activities, and seamlessly integrate home automation devices. Importantly, this service doesn’t modify or substitute your existing cell phone service plans.

Additionally, Preventia Security offers internet monitoring through hard-wired connections and WiFi. 

In-home hardware
Brands we work with

Real Client Reviews

As a school system, we can’t have a system downs due to a failed device for any amount of time. If so, we have to make other costly measures to provide the safety the state requires for our students. Therefore, we continue to see incredible response times on service calls. We continue to use them on our new buildings.

Maury County Public Schools

Preventia Security has been an amazing partner on over 30 of our Multifamily developments since 2015. Preventia is reliable, does very good work, and is always on-time. Their wealth of knowledge and qualified personnel is unmatched in this industry. We appreciate their partnership and look forward to many more years and projects together.

TDK Construction

Our school district first hired Preventia 8 years ago. They were able to replace a failed system in one of our schools in a small window of time successfully. They monitor all of our 23 schools and provide excellent service!

Maury County Public Schools
Dave Hall - Director of Facilities

The scope of work they perform on our construction developments across the southeast and central US includes security cameras, speakers, audio/ visual, access controls, fire alarm and site construction cameras/ alert systems. I appreciate how involved they are from ownership level all the way to install.

TDK Construction
Drew C.