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At Preventia Security, we specialize in providing professionally installed and maintained security solutions to meet the unique needs in Chattanooga, TN and surrounding areas. Whether you're looking to secure your protect your business, home, or need specialized control solutions to monitor anything, we have got you covered. Our services are available in the following ZIP codes: 37340-37450.

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  • Fire Alarms
  • Video Monitoring

Action Alarms is now part of Preventia Security

For over 30 years, Action Alarms of Chattanooga has been standing guard over businesses and homes with cutting-edge technology and unwavering resolve. Renowned for their personalized service and focus on your needs, Action Alarms has built a loyal following through rock-solid reliability.

Now, Action Alarms joins forces with Preventia Security, forging a powerful alliance that strengthens Chattanooga's security landscape. This union brings together the expertise of industry leaders, offering an expanded spectrum of options to secure your world. From Lookout Mountain to St. Elmo and beyond, together they stand ready to build a safer, more secure future for Chattanooga, leaving no corner unguarded, no family or business unprotected.

Action Alarms is now part of Preventia Security

Our Testimonials

From families to businesses, read how Preventia has secured our community.

As a school system, we can’t have a system downs due to a failed device for any amount of time. If so, we have to make other costly measures to provide the safety the state requires for our students. Therefore, we continue to see incredible response times on service calls. We continue to use them on our new buildings.

Maury County Public Schools

Preventia Security has been an amazing partner on over 30 of our Multifamily developments since 2015. Preventia is reliable, does very good work, and is always on-time. Their wealth of knowledge and qualified personnel is unmatched in this industry. We appreciate their partnership and look forward to many more years and projects together.

TDK Construction

Our school district first hired Preventia 8 years ago. They were able to replace a failed system in one of our schools in a small window of time successfully. They monitor all of our 23 schools and provide excellent service!

Maury County Public Schools
Dave Hall - Director of Facilities

From my installation coordinator who did a great job of setting everything up in a friendly and professional manner all the way to my tech who installed my new security system and smoke alarms. Preventia Security was very professional and friendly. They explained everything to me and made sure I understood. They did a great job and I am a happy customer.

Linda F.

Preventia was super helpful in teaching me how to operate everything. The tech tested the alarms and got everything working A+.

Samantha P.

The scope of work they perform on our construction developments across the southeast and central US includes security cameras, speakers, audio/ visual, access controls, fire alarm and site construction cameras/ alert systems. I appreciate how involved they are from ownership level all the way to install.

TDK Construction
Drew C.

Preventia did a great job. They were on time with the appointment and did a very good job with the installation. They also gave a great explanation of the equipment and its functions. I would not hesitate to recommend them to family and friends.The company seems to be very professional, courteous and helpful.

Kenneth T.

Preventia quickly diagnosed the problem and fixed it . My technician went on to show me what to look for if the problem returns.

Andy W.

Preventia was very detailed and professional. Will use them again.

Patty R.

Preventia was very professional and very helpful. They made sure our alarm system was working properly.

Teresa P.
120 K+
Completed Installs
500 +
Businesses Secured
19 K+
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